Welcome to the crazy!

Welcome to our crazy! Let us celebrate this glorious journey that we call parenthood…and by celebrate I mean lock ourselves in the bathroom, open a bottle of wine together, drown out the whining, tattling and screaming. Let’s share our stories so that we never feel alone or inadequate. The job of parenting is hard… and it’s damn funny.


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Sammiches and Psych Meds



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My favorite post from last week was The Pregnancy Olympics by Four Princesses and the Cheese. So funny and I’ve thought of what would have been my sport, go and have a read. 

-Eilidh @ Mummyandmonkeys.com



And without further a-do my top three most viewed posts for this week are *drum roll please*

1st place goes to the always hilarious Kristin at Four Princesses And The Cheese with~

Kid TV Isn’t Eating My Child’s Brain…It Is Eating MINE!

-Trista @ domesticatedmomster.com



Four Princess And The Cheese – You Know you are the Queen of Suburbia When Your life changes over New Couches – I could so relate to this brilliantly written post by Kristin. It was almost as if she was writing about me, my life and my couches. When you really really want a new couch but you’re going to or already have children. When can you get a couch?  A perfect ode to the new couch, just don’t spill the wine.

-Agent Spitback



Four Princesses and the Cheese is a parenting blog with a difference. I love the way Kristin doesn’t try to gloss over anything – there’s rants, humour, and a very real sense of the person behind the blog.

-Debbie @ Random Musings Blog- 4 Blogs that I love

Evelyn chose In the Choice Between the Mom-Hangover and Death…I Choose Death Friends by Four Princesses and the Cheese. “I picked this one because it is an honest picture of motherhood. Not hyped for social media, just the truth.”

Kimberly also chose this post. “A hangover itself is awful, but having to parent with one is even worse. Moms, read this post and see yourself in it!”

-Being A Wordsmith Link Party; Evelyn @ Eclectic Evelyn and Kimberly @ Being A Wordmsith

Ginger chose My Toy Shit List from Four Princesses and The Cheese. “This made me laugh out loud. I’m not a mom but I have my niece and nephews all the time and can really relate.”

-Turn It Up Tuesdays Link Party; Ginger @ Does My Sister Have Normal Hair


Evelyn chose A Study of The Abyss That Is The Mom-Purse by Four Princesses and the Cheese. “Love this post! So funny and so true.”

Natasha also chose this post. “I LOVE everything about this post! I also have loads of receipts (along with everything else in my purse) – I even found one last week from 2012! I switch purses every so often, which means I’m just moving stuff from one purse to another – and never clean out the mess. And the crumbs in the edges of my cell phone case – those are disgusting but so my life! Thanks for sharing this awesome post!” 

-Being A Wordsmith Link Part; Evelyn @ Eclectic Evelyn and Natasha @ Epic Mommy adventure

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My featured post this week is A Study of The Abyss That Is The Mom Purse by Four Princesses and The Cheese who shared her take on the mum bag post children, which typically includes a number of random toys, empty food wrappers and a lovely layer of crumbs coating the bottom of your bag for good measure. Revolting, but unfortunately very true!

-Emily @ My Petit Canard     Marvellous Monday Link



This week I loved this post from Kristin at Four Princesses and The Cheese on the things that her family cannot do, it would appear it is very similiar to the things that my boys and my husband can’t do either.  Oh and me…yep there is something on the list that I find impossible, but I’ll let you read it to guess which one applies to me!

-Laura @ Life With Baby Kicks



Briann from Bumbi’s mom has chosen “The Impossible… Things My Family Cannot do under ANY circumstances by Kristin McCarthy from Four Princesses and The Cheese.  Briann said: It was funny and real and many parents can relate.  Please check out her blog.

-Briann @ Bumbi’s Mom


 Peppa Pig Misses Her Chance –  I have had to roughly endure Peppa Pig for six years now.  Normally I am on the side of Mummy Pig and think that she is a saint.  This post made me realize the error of my ways.  Mummy Pig is clearly up to her eyeballs in drugs and Daddy Pig is well… a PIG!    I now see that Peppa and George are the only ones holding this family together.  They need to flee and save themselves before they become bacon.
-Emma from Islandiving365
Kristin from Four Princesses and the Cheese pretty much summed up life in one sentence when she wrote “Motherhood is a marathon race where participants must learn to pace themselves so that they do not die!” You may remember that I have felt the pressure of motherhood on and off the last while and Kristin’s short post on Climbing Mount Everest has eased my fears and guilt over feeling this way. Parenthood can often be a struggle and for me, its nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels the pressure.
-Geraldine @ Over Heaven’s Hill
I have chosen Kristin from Four Princesses and The Cheese with “Make America Great Again…Or At Least Make It Lead-Free.” This is awful! It is like living in a Third World Country. In Thailand, we have to buy bottled water. And I feel very sad every time I need to buy them. All the waste and energy going into production of one bottled water is immense. If only, the basics can be provided by our own government. Then we won’t have this sort of waste and polluted earth. Please spread the words about this. I really hope Flint, Michigan water supply will get fix soon. 



I first read Kristin’s blog  Four Princesses & The Cheese when she linked up to my Friday Frolics linky.  She had me hooked from the get go.

Kristin is a mum to four girls and lives in the USA. Her blog details the highs and lows of parenting and is absolutely hilarious.  I love the way Kirstin tells a story.  I find my self nodding and laughing all the way through.

For me a blog with perfect crafts and pristine children is never going to draw me in.  I much prefer people who keep it real.  Parenting is hard work!  And whilst it’s great to talk about the highs, and celebrate our children’s successes and parenting wins, it’s also really important to talk about the tough days, and the craziness of life with small people.  I know if I’m having a bad day reading a perfect blog is going to make me feel a lot worse.  But reading blogs like Kristin’s makes me feel less alone, and even cheers me up in the process.

Kirstin gives the full picture of parenthood.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  And it’s pretty near on impossible to read one of her posts and not crack a smile.



These are a few of my favourite posts from Kirstin…

Things One Should Not Attempt With Twin Toddlers

Truths About The Suburban Stay AT Home Mom

Being At The Beach is Pure Bliss… Unless You Are Me My Friends

Claire @ Life, Love and Dirty Dishes



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