The Juice Cleanse Day Two

Good news guys. I’m still here. Despite my fears and anxieties of perishing in the night from starvation I managed to get through the dark hourst to face another day of juice, juice and more juice. According to the cleanse research I should be feeling lighter, brighter and euphoric.  Unfortunately for me I slept about […]

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Today Feels Like A Good Day To Start A Juice Cleanse

“Today feels like a good day to start a juice cleanse!” Said no sane human ever. But hey.  If there is one thing I do very well it is make fairly irrational decisions.  So doing a three day juice cleanse fits right into that schema of mine.  What can I say, I like to be […]

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I’m Thirty Five Years Old and Finally Dating!

I know y’all opened up this post hoping for a juicy tidbit of suburban scandal.  Prepare to be disappointed: Yes I am dating. But I am dating my husband. We are thirty-five years old and we are just NOW getting the hang of “dating” each other. We have been “together” since we fell madly in […]

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Twenty-Two Things I Am Going To Do During The Twins First Month of Preschool

I can not believe we are here already. The twins are headed to preschool! For the first time ever I will have twelve hours a week all to myself as the girls learn how to count, write and act like  humans.  What on Earth will I do with myself? Oh my God so freaking much. […]

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I Nama-stopped: Failure To Find My Zen

Before the twins were born I spent a lot of days at the yoga studio trying clear my mind, center my universe and lose those final ten pounds.  I gotta say, I got pretty damn good at those tree poses, cobras and warrior positions.  I relished in the ninety minutes of “me time” that yoga […]

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I Sure Do Love The Land Down Under!

God I freaking love Australia. Aside from the giant bugs, spiders and sharks I really do adore the Land Down Under.  Here is the latest reason for my Aussie passion: The country is vowing to bar entry to one very idiotic and dangerous American man. No it is not Rex, Mike or The Donald. It […]

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Big Ups For Boston: Hate and Racism? We Aren’t Having It

What happened in Charlottesville was more than a little disgusting.  Droves of white males dressed in Khakis and Polos marched two by two carrying torches all the while chanting “Blood and Soil” “and “Jews will not replace us!”  Ew.  How freaking vile and creepy can you people get? Groups of students and protesters resisted and chaos […]

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Our Summer Bucket List That Never Happened

Right about now the better moms are finishing up their summer bucket lists. Social media says so.  They are spending their final summer days baking pies, constructing fairy houses and making one last trip to the beach to fly handmade kites.  Good for them.  They rock. I however am not doing any of those things […]

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My High Expectations Are Killing My Marriage

Aim for the stars. Never settle for less than the best. Set your sights high girl.   These female empowerment mantras are slowly killing my marriage.   Allow me to back up just a titch here:  Perhaps my marriage isn’t dying persay, but the high expectations that I have placed upon my spouse are definitely […]

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Rex Tillerson Says We Can All “Sleep Well At Night”…Nope

Um… yeah right Rex. There is about a zero percent chance that I won’t be fixated on and anxious over this amped up conflict with North Korea.  The chances of me staying cool, calm and collected and sleeping well at night are about as good as the chances of me getting through all of my […]

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