Calling All Potty Training Moms! Check Out Dry Like Me

We are approaching the end of an era here in the McCarthy house. Yep. The days of diapering are coming to a close. After ten years the twins are almost there… almost. The twinnies can stay dry during daytime hours for the most part but nighttime is a whole other ball of wax. We have […]

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Rounding Out March’s Reading Month With Benson’s Adventures

For about a million and a half reasons I have stepped away from doing reviews, but I could not resist with this one.   March is the month of reading and we definitely have a family of readers over here.  My oldest just finished reading Great Expectations (the children’s classic version) for the THIRD time. […]

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Our New E BOOK! A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media

fI can not even begin to tell you all how thrilled I am to present to my glorious subscribers and readers Suburban Misfit Mom’s first e-book, A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media written by Nathalie Laitmon and MEEEEEEEE! Many moons ago the lovely Nathalie Laitmon, Suburban Misfit Mom founder, and I were having […]

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It’s Holiday Season! Otherwise Known As “Your butt is getting outta control Kristin” Season.

Well kids it’s that magical time of year again.  You know the time…where you eat twenty pounds of Halloween candy…followed by twenty pounds of turkey and carbs…followed by three hundred Christmas cookies and last but not least the New Year’s Eve binge drinking. Hello saggy, square ass and bloated mom belly! This year I find […]

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Haven’t Heard of “Ever?” Time To Come Out From Under Your Rock!

I don’t normally do product reviews.   Simply put I have not come across something that I am genuinely interested in and think my readers might be as well.  I love my subscribers and appreciate that they take their precious time to read about my parenting blunders and mishaps.  I am not going to waste […]

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