My Toy Shit List Part 2- Contraptions of Parental Torture- The Christmas Edition

Friends I have four young children.  I think you can all use your imaginations to visualize how many stupid, life destroying plastic toys might currently lurk in our home.  One ranty summer day I wrote about the toys that I hate the most.  You can read all about my hatred here at My Toy Shit […]

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Motherhood and the Demise of My Vocabulary

When I was in my early twenties I took the GRE Test in order to complete my application for graduate school.  I scored exceptionally high in the vocabulary department.  You would never know that these days though.  For the past ten years I have relied on a sampling of simple words and commands that now […]

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Things That Run My Day… And Ruin My Day

  Every day that I have with my family is a blessing and a day worth living. I am a thankful gal and even in my darkest most stressful moments I remember that things could be so much worse. My kids and I are healthy and we live comfortably in a safe part of the […]

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Things That Are Currently Pissing Off My Toddlers

Toddlers become furious over some whack things.  Most things that anger my twins have to do with a moment of  my happiness.  My happiness and comfort seems to really cheese them off these days.  The terrible twos is no joke…having a 6 and 8 year old as well I already know that this is just […]

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Go Home Tuesday…You’re Drunk- five things currently ticking me off

Guys… a lot is ticking me off right about now. I mean I’ve got the Cocksackie…strike one…  I can’t eat, I can’t drink, I can’t talk and my mouth is in constant pain.  We are going on day five of this mess and I haven’t even lost a pound.  It’s just about the most unfair […]

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Master of Mediocrity – My tips on how to bring it and wing it

When I first embarked on this parenting journey nearly a decade ago I was bent on being a textbook mommy.  I had read the books and watched enough of TLC’s A Baby Story to consider myself a total expert.  I was 24 year old.  It has taken me the better part of a decade to […]

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My Toy Shit List

Friends, I am so sick of toys.  Toys are EVERYWHERE.  They find their way into every single room in this house, they are in my car, they are scattered throughout our yard.  They go missing at random and cause epic meltdowns.  The break twelve seconds after I remove them from the package.  Toys are the enemy…yet I […]

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