Mother feeding her child with spoonful of soup. There is no visible face. Toddler is sitting on a feeding chair. Top view.

Soul Crushing Kid-Favorite Foods From the Dark Side

As a mama with four little girls under the age of nine, I normally LOVE any food that they will willingly eat without me pinning them down and shoveling it into their mouths. Day after day, I prepare three square meals for four very different individuals with very different preferences. That is TWELVE VARIED MEALS A […]

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Dinnertime at Bev’s Diner

Dinnertime with kids…our daily dose of torture friends!   Dinnertime at the McCarthy house is the WORST.  My hubs works some long hours and is MAYBE home one day a week for the dinnertime shift.  I swear within minutes of opening my eyes in the morning I am already thinking about dinner…what to make, what […]

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