The Importance of “Me” Time in the Land of Mom

“Me” time is so very rare in the Land of Mom.  I have four small kids ranging in age from 2-9 and their needs are certainly plentiful.  There never seems to be a second where someone doesn’t need something from me.  On top of the demands of my children I have the house, the work, […]

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Our New E BOOK! A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media

fI can not even begin to tell you all how thrilled I am to present to my glorious subscribers and readers Suburban Misfit Mom’s first e-book, A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media written by Nathalie Laitmon and MEEEEEEEE! Many moons ago the lovely Nathalie Laitmon, Suburban Misfit Mom founder, and I were having […]

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Businessman asleep on sofa in living room, woman standing in doorway

Relationship Goals From A Real Wife Living The Real Life

Marriage Is Work. This might be the most honest, bloody thing that was ever said.  Truly. Nurturing your marriage is so very important, especially when you have a gaggle of children at your heels twenty four hours a day.  If you don’t make time to address and attend to key components in your relationship then […]

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Four Princesses and The Cheese Updates- Happy Six Month Anniversary!

Happy six months of blogging to me!  I can’t believe it has already been six months.  It seems like just yesterday I was crying on the phone to the BlueHost helpline asking them what the hell a widget was!  Over the last half a year I have learned so much, have gotten to work with […]

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The Day I Ran Away From My Family

Ok.  I didn’t actually grab my purse, fly out the back door and take off for the hills.  In times of sheer, parenting madness that fantasy has danced before my eyes, but I would never act on it.  I love my little family.  This was a planned escape. Guys.  I just took a mom-cation. And […]

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Love-Hate Relationship With Lu-La-Roe and Legging-Land

Love is complicated. This is basically how I feel about the crazy phenomena that are LuLueRoe Leggings.   Chances are if you have a vagina, you already know about the leggings craze that is LuLaRoe, otherwise known as expensive patterned leggings.  Leggings in general are not new to us moms, we have been worshiping the […]

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2017 Fashion Trends – Year Of The Mom

  The other night I got sucked into the vortex of mindless internet browsing when I came across‘s fashion trend predictions for 2017.   Guys, I am giddy with excitement over what is in store for fashion.  I am pretty sure high end designers all over the world got together at some fancy schmancy […]

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Mom’s Life In Memes

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…   Let’s start here.  It is six in the damn morning and you all have screamed my name 4,000 times already.  You want pudding and roast beef for breakfast…we have neither of those items you strange rangers.  It is going to be one hell of a […]

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The Parenthood Frat Party

College was a fucking ah-mazing blur of a good time.  I lived with my best friends, met my future husband and lived for a good frat party or mid week bar bender. Oh yeah…I also earned a top notch degree in education… But the parties was tha’ BOMB folks. I would say that I miss […]

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The Good About The Bad…Bad Moms That Is…

If you have not seen Bad Moms please do not read- spoilers ahead. I won’t lie to you good friends.  When the trailer for Bad Moms came out I shrieked, I cried a bit, I watched the two minute clip at least one hundred times.  I was pretty sure it was about to be the best […]

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