Oatmeal In The Underwear Drawer

In college my cousin had two ferrets.  I remember her telling me that those furry-clawed demons really enjoyed stealing shiny objects and hiding them.  Of all the information that should have filled my brain during my five years at university THAT is what stuck with me. Fast forward a decade plus some and I still think […]

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Stop Saying Lights Out! In Fact, Stop Saying All Of It Kids.

I will never forget taking a weekend trip with our best friends to a local water park when our oldest kids were wee bitty ones.  After a fun filled day of pools, pizza and arcade games we ere exhausted, the kids?  Not so much.  Our friend’s two year old son was so overly tired that […]

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It’s Spring Break Bitches!

It’s spring break bitches! Woo Hoo! Partaaaaaaaay! Ok.  There is no actual party going on here these days unless it involves Disney, shitty sheet cake and mass quantities of small humans running around the living room, but it is spring break nonetheless.  The kids are home and they are certainly ready to celebrate break.  In […]

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Toddler Translations

This is a really special post because my husband and I kind of collaborated on it.  Nothing like cracking open a beer and thinking of a bunch of whack things that your kids say!  Without further adieu here are some of the most common things our toddler twins say…and the translation for them.     […]

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The infamous pork chop incident…

Kids eat weird things friends…   When I first launched my blog my girlfriend Raine Hall immediately requested that I tell you all the infamous “pork chop” story.  I had totally forgotten about this one…or perhaps I had just repressed the mortifying memory.  Either way this little diddy is dedicated to the future Mrs. Kouba. […]

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Ways the twins are helpful…

Here are some ways the twins are helpful in our everyday lives. Go ahead, be jealous that they aren’t playing with your Keurig and hoarding all of your produce.  The are adorable and they are funny, but MAN are they a handful!   Here they are making mama’s coffee.  They pull the kitchen drawers out […]

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Nude escape artists

These twin toddlers of ours have gotten out of our sight a time or two. Now I swear we do our best to avoid escape, but all it takes is someone leaving the screen unlocked or the storm door not fully shut and they are gone.  Like a shark’s ability to smell a drop of […]

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