The Five Stages of Bedtime Grief

It is heartbreaking. Every single night. The bedtime dance. STAGE 1- DENIAL No.  It can not possibly be bedtime already.  The sink is still full of dinner dishes, the kids are running around bat shit crazy, homework hasn’t even been taken out of the backpacks and your father is not home yet.  Nope.  I am […]

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Hair bows are nap time weapons…

Nap time is always such a blast around here. So today is yet another no nap day for the toddler twinnies.  They have been merrily destroying their bedroom for the past hour.  We have slowly been trying to reintroduce furniture into their natural habitat.  It is not going well.  I just had to stage a […]

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Nap Time…Rest for No One!

Nap time used to be so simple. I loved it. I lived for it. It recharged me.  From the very beginning we would plop those swaddled or sleep-sacked bundles in their cribs, plug the electric baby in, (Hazel was on an apnea monitor,) and walk out.  There was no rocking or routine.  I didn’t even […]

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