Great Neighbors Are Real Estate Gold

When shopping for your dream home you look for the following: Spacious kitchen with solid surfaces Usable yard space for the pets and kids to frolic in Garage parking…because snow sucks at least two bathrooms Most importantly, kick ass neighbors!   It’s easy to skim over that last one, but really good neighbors are worth […]

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It’s Spring Break Bitches!

It’s spring break bitches! Woo Hoo! Partaaaaaaaay! Ok.  There is no actual party going on here these days unless it involves Disney, shitty sheet cake and mass quantities of small humans running around the living room, but it is spring break nonetheless.  The kids are home and they are certainly ready to celebrate break.  In […]

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Saturday Supermarket Suckiness- The Anti-Bonding Experience

Mark my words:  I will never bring my oldest daughter to the grocery store again. Ok, that is a lie.  I am sure she will accompany me to the local supermarket about seven thousand more times at least. Let me rephrase:  I will never willingly and optimistically bring my oldest daughter to the grocery store […]

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What In The Hell Are You So Stressed Out About Anyways?

Every single week of my life I troll the aisles of our local grocery store snagging goods for my little monsters’ lunches, snacks and dinners… You know the drill.  I know where everything is by heart, I know it takes me exactly 43 minutes to get through my list and I know all of the […]

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Stupid Fight Road Trip

Pretty exciting day around here.  We are making the drive from Michigan to Nashville to visit some of our very best buds…mom par-tay!  The twins, being obnoxious and under the weather to boot, are staying home with good ol’ grammy (bless her heart.)  It’s just Sam and our two big girls, ages 9 and 6. […]

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Being at the Beach is Pure Bliss…unless you are me friends

I want to love it…Who doesn’t want to relish in the sand and the surf while watching their children frolic on the beach building sand castles?  This mom just cant do it friends, because being at the beach is pure bliss…unless you are me!   Just in terms of personality I am just not a laid […]

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Hey! Let’s Go On Vacation…When Vacation Doesn’t Feel Like A Vacation

Disclaimer- This post is going to make me come off as an ungrateful suburban housewife who should be thankful for the family vacation that she is currently on.  Don’t Care.  This mom is tired, hot and crabby, so you all have to deal with the wrath.   The worst parts of vacation are… 1. The […]

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Travel nightmares come to life

Travel nightmares can come true friends… But no worries THIS one has a happy ending!     If you follow our little family circus on our blog, twitter or Facebook, then you already know we recently embarked on a family vacation to beautiful and majestic Cape Cod, Ma.  Yes friends, the hubs, our four girls […]

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Destruction On The Cape

Kids in restaurants is never ever a good idea guys… Cape Cod.  It has truly been ah-mazing here.  Vacationing in beautiful Cotuit, MA with my four children, hubby, three sister in laws and two brother in laws has been dreamlike.  Can we talk about mass quantities of man power? Hells yeah!  My three sister in […]

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