A mother in the lotus position meditating while children jump and play around her.

The Art of Practicing Patience When You Basically Suck at It

Patience is a skill that I don’t have. I think remaining patient in the eye of the storm that is mothering four young daughters is my Achilles’s heel, my absolute downfall, the fail that I can count on just about every single day. 11 years ago I was gearing up to take on the only […]

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The Bad Mom Files: Things That Are So Funny…But Probably Shouldn’t Be

The Bad Mom Files were started NOT because I am an actual a bad mom, but because in recent years there has been so much emphasis on what a good mom is.  Being the perfect parent is a fucking unicorn of a concept and the rational side of our parental brains know that there is […]

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Boy taking toothpaste

How To Get Back To School Like A Boss

Summer of 2017 is officially coming to a close and it is time for us parents to switch gears and get ready to send our little ones out into the wide world of learning and growth. Bye kids.  Summer has been a blast but I for one am so ready for you to return to […]

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Happy Mother’s Day: The Apology Edition

Everyday that my children grow is a day that I look at them, sigh, and say to myself, “God.  When did they get so ass-like?  What the hell happened here?”  They remind me of someone…oh right.  Me as a young girl.  I should call my parents and say sorry…like every day. Last week I went […]

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The Mayor of Fail-City Strikes Again…and Again…and Again

I recently wrote an article for Parent Co. on having the “becoming a woman” talk with my oldest daughter.  If you haven’t read it, you can brief yourself HERE.  For the most part readers giggled at my experience or sympathized with either having been there themselves or will be headed there in the future.  Then […]

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The Birds, The Bees and The…Tiger Butts?

How did this happen? How did my six-pound, bright pink, squalling bundle of baby get so big? Everyone tells you it will all go so fast, like lightning fast. One day you are waddling around the living room with giants bags under your eyes and leaky breasts under your shirt and then you blink and your little […]

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The Brighter Side of Bad Me

I am not a perfect parent.   Some days I don’t even know if I am a good one!  My guess is I hover around the mediocre range most of the time.  My meals are eh, my Pinterest projects are nightmare inducing, I have a potty mouth and my husband and I squabble right here […]

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My Life Is Crap: The Joys Of Potty Training Twins

No really, it is literally crap right now. We are in the thick of potty training our twins, and it has been an entire month of human feces and tears… my tears, not theirs. Why did this seem so much easier with my first two daughters?  Oh right, because it WAS easier.  The first reason […]

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five months old  asian twins

Raising Twins: Say Hello to Cuteness and Goodbye to a Whole Lot of Other Stuff

The twin experience is unlike any other. Being a mom to twins I can tell you first hand that there is nothing cuter, more rewarding and interesting than watching your little genetic mutations evolve into people. Yep. Nothing better. And nothing harder. I’m probably not supposed to say that or admit that, but it really […]

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Kids My Door Is Always Open…Unless It’s Closed

  My sweet darlings, momma will always be here for you.  Come to me with anything: your needs, your fears, your worries, your victories.  I love you and I live and breathe for you.  For you my offspring my door is always open. Unless it’s closed.  If the bedroom door is closed then go the […]

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