Politics and Princesses – Small Town Fight from Within

Heroin and opioid addiction is rotting small town America from within. It’s not just an inner-city problem, and we need to face that fact. It seems like the hurt just keeps coming for small town America.  The same people who voted for President Trump’s promises of a better America might now be realizing that those […]

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The HPV Vaccination Conundrum: A Debate I Never Thought I Would Have

It is no secret that I am one of the greatest proponents of vaccinating children against disease.  If you need a quick briefing as to my feelings regarding this topic feel free to click here and read up. It throws me into a damn rage listening to people discuss the “evils” of science and the “intelligence” and […]

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America Joining The World Of Walls

For everyone who thinks that walls are the answer, history disagrees. Do we learn from it, or repeat it? Donald Trump promised to build a wall separating the US from Mexico. He swore to protect our nation from criminals and drug dealers flooding our borders and inflicting evil upon our people. Mr. Trump made sure […]

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Barron Trump Bearing Brunt of Hatred

Hate President Trump all you want, but there is no excuse for targeting Barron Trump with your hatred, period. It seems that lately people have run out of derogatory things to say about Donald and Melania Trump. The jokes have been told, the names have been called and the people have marched on Washington. Hmmmm….how […]

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