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I Nama-stopped: Failure To Find My Zen

Before the twins were born I spent a lot of days at the yoga studio trying clear my mind, center my universe and lose those final ten pounds.  I gotta say, I got pretty damn good at those tree poses, cobras and warrior positions.  I relished in the ninety minutes of “me time” that yoga […]

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And we are LIVE! A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media

IT”S HERE! Today is the day our Suburban Misfit Mom E Book, A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media officially launches on AMAZON! Here is the book’s description for those who have avoided me drilling it into their brains: A Writer’s Badass Guide To Branding, Blogging and Social Media is a fun and […]

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Our New E BOOK! A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media

fI can not even begin to tell you all how thrilled I am to present to my glorious subscribers and readers Suburban Misfit Mom’s first e-book, A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media written by Nathalie Laitmon and MEEEEEEEE! Many moons ago the lovely Nathalie Laitmon, Suburban Misfit Mom founder, and I were having […]

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Donald Trump’s Win Made Me A Better Mother

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. I don’t like or trust him…not for one second. He is now our president though.  I respect the Democratic process that should be considered a great privilege by Americans and I will support his presidency…unless he gives me a reason not too.  Don’t Donald…just don’t.  I am hopeful that […]

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Rome Is Burning…And Rome Is My Vagina

Recently I thought that maybe I had a dreaded yeast infection.  No biggie… I thought to myself. I’ll just grab one of those creams up at the local drugstore and nip this thing in the bud after the kiddies go to sleep. Dear Lord in Heaven I could not been more wrong about this. First off, […]

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I Think I Might Be Having An Affair…

Never did I think that I would ever be one of those wives…   The other evening I was reading an article on ways that you know your partner is cheating.  Quickly I scrolled through the list and didn’t think that my husband fit the cheating bill in the least…good husband.  I finished the article and moved […]

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Birthday Parties- The Ultimate Bell Curve

If you think back through your childhood memories, epic birthday parties are gonna be in there somewhere.  I personally can remember celebrating with pizza, hamburgers Chuck E. Cheese and Ronald McDonald on more than one occasion. It was the eighties and McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese were the premiere birthday party hot spots.  The food was […]

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Post Baby Body…I want to love you…buuuuut I don’t

I read a lot these days.   I read a lot of blogs, a lot of online articles and a lot of social media posts.  I am reading oodles of articles regarding female empowerment.  Specifically I am seeing a lot of written pieces regarding mothers embracing their post baby bodies.  Millions of women are banding […]

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