Feet of family in bed

Take Back the Night: a Sleep Training Guide for Parents Who Failed the First Time Around

When my 10-year-old was a baby, she would only fall asleep if she was snoozing in between my husband and I, while holding our earlobes. We would silently lie awake staring at her beauty and wonder. When she grew into a toddler bed, we took turns sleeping on her bedroom floor, singing Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Pony […]

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Young Woman Lying In Bed Suffering From Sound Alarm Covering Her Head And Ears With Pillow. Early Wake Up Not Getting Enough Sleep.

When One “Snore” Closes, Another Door Opens

” Do you think anyone has ever divorced their husband over snoring…asking for a friend.” I jokingly wrote this on social media a few weeks ago because I was up late into the night listening to my husband slumber away.  When I say that I was listening to him sleep, I mean I was unfortunately […]

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The Bad Mom Files: Things Moms Mourn, But Feel Like Shit Admitting It

  I love my kids to no end.  That being said there are about a million things that I will forever mourn because let’s be frank: Binge watching Outlander and eating all the day’s meals on the couch don’t jive with parenthood.  (Seriously though imagine if it did.  Would that not be glorious?)  Here are […]

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Girls learning to play Lacrosse

Six Unforeseen Benefits to Letting Your Kids Play Team Sports

Confession:  Growing up I found team sports far too stressful for me to part take in.  My anxious little self could only carry the burden of disappointing myself and possibly my parents and therefore I steered clear of soccer, basketball, volleyball and anything else that might make me mildly uncomfortable or stressed.  What if I […]

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Four Princesses and The Cheese News and Updates

Oh my poor, neglected website!   Seriously though, I thought for sure I would have so much time to write my little ass off once the twins started preschool, buuuuuuuut that is most definitely not the case. By the time I throw in laundry, do some dishes, make beds and put my hair up in […]

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Ten Solid Reasons Halloween Is Scary As Hell For Parents

Here it comes my fellow parents. The long, hard fall into Holiday Hell. From now until the middle of April we all get to muddle through a six month holiday season, Christians especially.  Every month there is money to spend on food, gifts and costumes, holiday decorations to drag out of storage or worse yet…create, […]

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The Bad Mom Files: Things That Are So Funny…But Probably Shouldn’t Be

The Bad Mom Files were started NOT because I am an actual a bad mom, but because in recent years there has been so much emphasis on what a good mom is.  Being the perfect parent is a fucking unicorn of a concept and the rational side of our parental brains know that there is […]

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Oatmeal In The Underwear Drawer

In college my cousin had two ferrets.  I remember her telling me that those furry-clawed demons really enjoyed stealing shiny objects and hiding them.  Of all the information that should have filled my brain during my five years at university THAT is what stuck with me. Fast forward a decade plus some and I still think […]

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Little boy on doorstep trying to put his shoes on. Natural light.

Ten Killer Reasons To Send Your Child To Preschool

As the proud mother of four young girls I think it’s safe to say that I have been around the old preschool block a time or two.  My oldest girls (now ages ten and seven) went to daycare centers as babies so the transition to preschool was kind of a no brainer.  I had to […]

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The Juice Cleanse Day Two

Good news guys. I’m still here. Despite my fears and anxieties of perishing in the night from starvation I managed to get through the dark hourst to face another day of juice, juice and more juice. According to the cleanse research I should be feeling lighter, brighter and euphoric.  Unfortunately for me I slept about […]

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