Great Neighbors Are Real Estate Gold

When shopping for your dream home you look for the follwing: Spacious kitchen with solid surfaces Usable yard space for the pets and kids to frolic in Garage parking…because snow sucks at least two bathrooms Most importantly, kick ass neighbors!   It’s easy to skim over that last one, but really good neighbors are worth […]

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Working Moms: Building A Career in Guilt

If we made a list right now called, “Things We Didn’t Know We Would Feel In Motherhood,”  what would be on it? Well my initial guess would be several million things. I never knew a love like the love I have for my child could even exist. I never dreamed I could be this tired […]

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The Importance of “Me” Time in the Land of Mom

“Me” time is so very rare in the Land of Mom.  I have four small kids ranging in age from 2-9 and their needs are certainly plentiful.  There never seems to be a second where someone doesn’t need something from me.  On top of the demands of my children I have the house, the work, […]

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The Almighty Bachelorette Party: Then and Now

At thirty-five years old I think it is safe to say that I have had my fair share of bridal celebrations.  One of my bestest gals is getting remarried to the man of her dreams in a few months and us ladies will be celebrating her nuptials by traveling to the city, staying in a […]

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Female CEO’s Leading The New Wave of Feminism? Thinkx Again

Let’s square on thing away right off the bat:  I don’t define myself as a feminist.  If my daughters grow up and earn certain levels of achievement and status in the real world you won’t find my chanting “Girl Power!”  from the rooftops.  You will find me in the kitchen saying to my husband, “Thank […]

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The Mayor of Fail-City Strikes Again…and Again…and Again

I recently wrote an article for Parent Co. on having the “becoming a woman” talk with my oldest daughter.  If you haven’t read it, you can brief yourself HERE.  For the most part readers giggled at my experience or sympathized with either having been there themselves or will be headed there in the future.  Then […]

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Stop Saying Lights Out! In Fact, Stop Saying All Of It Kids.

I will never forget taking a weekend trip with our best friends to a local water park when our oldest kids were wee bitty ones.  After a fun filled day of pools, pizza and arcade games we ere exhausted, the kids?  Not so much.  Our friend’s two year old son was so overly tired that […]

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Mother Does Not Know Best, Parent Sue Over Child’s Name

Please tell me you all have read or seen this headline in the news recently:  Parents Sue Georgia for right to call baby girl Allah.  I couldn’t let this one just be, I had to see what was up with this story.  Was this the state government’s way of imposing their power and taking an anti-Islamic […]

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Please see more images of children having fun in my portfolio:

The Birds, The Bees and The…Tiger Butts?

How did this happen? How did my six-pound, bright pink, squalling bundle of baby get so big? Everyone tells you it will all go so fast, like lightning fast. One day you are waddling around the living room with giants bags under your eyes and leaky breasts under your shirt and then you blink and your little […]

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My Journey Into Hell

I was raised in the Catholic church, therefore I grew up with some pretty scary ideas of what hell might consist of.  I think this is pretty common with Catholic youngsters.  Hell is super scary stuff, so don’t sin!  Since my younger days fearing the fiery unknown, I’ve grown up, defected (kind of) from the […]

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