Climbing Mount Motherhood…and trying to not tumble over the cliff’s edge

There are days where I feel like I am mountain climbing my way through parenthood.  I stumble, I sweat, the air feels significantly thinner and I am in danger of passing out.  Today is one of those day.  Yesterday was one of those days too.  Come to think of it lately I am having a lot of those days.  Motherhood is a marathon race where participants must learn to pace themselves so that they do not die!


Anyone who thinks otherwise…sorry we cannot be friends.

Currently I am hanging out “in the trenches” stage.  You know, the one where my row boat has a hole in the bottom and I am forever hoisting out the water.  The stage that feels like I am shoveling in a big ass snowstorm, yet never quite getting ahead of the mess, the meals and the whining.  For anyone who is about to tell me to just sit back, enjoy the ride and cherish the moments, please read my previous blog post entitled Dear Everyone…  No need to make me feel like a crap parent for spinning around as if I live in a constant tornado of screaming kids and broken toys.  I don’t need your assistance with forever feeling inadequate.  If you want to help me, come over with a bottle of wine and vacuum up some Legos.






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