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Hi There,
Thanks for joining me in the crazy. I would love to hear from any of you either through email or through comments.

If you get a chuckle from my posts, if you can relate to the love and chaos, if I make you feel just a bit less of an island in this great big sea of parenthood, then please subscribe to my page with your email address.  It will help a TON and it will make me look much cooler than I actually am.  😉

I do Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Anything to get my work out there!  Maybe next week I will write my website  down on large poster boards and have my kiddos hold them up on local street corners…that’s a lot of street corners.  If I borrow some Alley family kids I can pretty much hit the whole town!


Feel free to email me at anytime or get a hold of me through other social media outlets.



Love and peace. Kristin.


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