Four Princesses and The Cheese Gets A Nod

When I started blogging I had ZERO idea that it was such a big thing, especially in the UK and Australia.  Those UK bloggers do not fuck around.  They are the OG’s of the blogging world and I bow down to them, truly.   In my mind they are the blog mecca, the masters.  Well apparently the UK celebrates blogging with all sorts of really amazing award ceremonies and events, one being the BiBs, or Brilliance in Blogging hosted by Britmums.  Being over in the states I haven’t paid much attention to these nominations and awards other than to give my fellow bloggers virtual high fives when they have been nominated for their work.

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And then we got nominated and I thought well damn!  Perhaps I should clue in to see what this hoopla is all about.  Every Monday I link a few posts up to Debbie’s awesome blog My Random Musings and last week she wrote a post on the Bibs offering suggestions to bloggers looking for nomination suggestions and there we were in the Fresh Voice Category.  I might have peed myself a bit just getting a nod.  I am not exactly a win-machine.  I think once in third grade I won a pencil because my lunch tray had the “star” drawn on the bottom.

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So this is very cool and I am truly honored that people find my writing that amusing and interesting. If you would like to contribute to my chances of winning anything since the elusive Lunch Line Pencil you can go HERE to the Bibs and nominate our blog in the Fresh Voice Category.

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Thanks again to Debbie at My Random Musings and to everyone who reads my shit and continues to share and support our little blog.  It has really been one hell of a year.


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28 thoughts on “Four Princesses and The Cheese Gets A Nod

  1. Love your style sweetie, you’ve cracked me up on a morning when I freeking well need it! Got some ball to break today at my sons school! I’ll be keeping an eye out when it’s time to vote x

  2. Oh it would be SO amazing if you could come to BML and we all got to meet you in the flesh! #TheDream 😉

    Thanks for linking with #coolmumclub

  3. Great nomination! That’s a good nod to get! Well deserved too as I feel you are part of the furniture In my blog radar now! Good luck and hope you get more!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  4. Good luck lovely!! I’m so excited to see who gets awarded, no doubt i’ll be too drunk to remember at the ceremony hahaha!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow

  5. I saw you in that post as you were on top or under me (if you’ll pardon my feeble attempt at a smutty joke) and I wasn’t one bit surprised. Debs is one of my oldest blog friends who I ‘met’ after blogging in the ‘dark’ for 18 months just relying on my public following before meeting other bloggers and having an entire new world open up!! You deserve the nom Kris as you are one of the unique ‘non vanilla’ blogs out there. Fresh voice is utterly appropriate. Best of luck #dreamteam PS apparently it was you who nominated my Brands bitch fest for the #bloggercrush linky so thank you for that!!

  6. Well deserved nomination. I should have been going to the BiBs which would have been great but I have a family wedding to go to! Sigh. I will be asking Lianne to make sure she keeps me updated! Good luck! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales, I hope to see you back next week 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness, thats amazing! Congratulations on the nomination! I bet it feels very uplifting knowing people love reading your blog posts. #TriumphantTales

  8. i was shortlisted for BiBs in 2012 and it was all downhill from that point, it’s just a popularity vote and it can get quite disheartening. i find I’m happier just joining in with links and meeting other like minded bloggers getting to read a variety of subjects rather than just falling into one category. i wish you well.

  9. Did you say a year? Have you honestly only been blogging a year? I thought you were a seasoned professional and had been at this for ever? Those nominations are very well deserved lovely. I have everything crossed for you – oh and please come to the BiBs! I’ll be there and there will be wine and I would so love to meet you! Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

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