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Four Princesses and The Cheese News and Updates

Oh my poor, neglected website!


Seriously though, I thought for sure I would have so much time to write my little ass off once the twins started preschool, buuuuuuuut that is most definitely not the case. By the time I throw in laundry, do some dishes, make beds and put my hair up in an unruly mom bun it is time to turn around and go pick them up, then go pick up my middle kid from school, then help homework and violin, make dinner and get ready for soccer, then drive them to that shit.

You see where I am going here….

Life is so crazy busy, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily sucks.  There are lots of great happenings going on with Four Princesses so here is the latest…

Practical Politicking has folded so my column Princesses and Politics is no longer active.  Running a column was a great experience to be sure, but in truth political writing can be exhausting.  From now on you will all have to get your load of ranty, snarky world views somewhere else.

You can still catch me writing at Parent Co. twice a week.  For now they continue to put up with me so we love them.

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My new gig over at keeps me pretty busy.  Right now I am writing for them twice a week covering all sorts of mind numbing content that will eat your brain matter at one in the morning.  Lucky for me this is exactly the stuff I read when I can’t sleep because of Sam’s snoring: pregnant hillbillies, trailer trash, celebrity labor stories, circus freaks, you name it.  Here are a few links for you to busy yourself with, (and yes I get paid for shares and views so feel free to press that good old share button.)

15 Celeb Moms Spill Their Labor Secrets  (This one dragged in half a MILLION views!)

Between these two gigs not much else is going on mostly due to my lack of time.

Now on to the home front:

As we probably all know by now the twins are in preschool and LOVING it!  We thought for sure we would be in for a royal shit show but as usual they never stop surprising us.

Both “bigs” are paying soccer and the oldest is playing the violin at school.  She tries hard, but I think it is a fair statement to say she will not be joining the symphony any time soon.

The Cheesemonster and I have been dieting trying to lose our middle age back fat.  I have been running, spinning and juice cleaning  for months and have lost a little under a pound.  The Cheese has lost five.

Dog 1

Mom 0


The hubs and I took our first weekend getaway in a long, long time.  We went north, he golfed ad I drank.  It was loads of fun but we will be feeling the lingering effects of physical activity and booze for a few weeks to come.

So that’s that my loyal followers and readers.  Keep following, sharing and reading.  You know I appreciate it!

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3 thoughts on “Four Princesses and The Cheese News and Updates

  1. Fun to see your views online! I’ll miss reading “Practical Politicking”. I really really loved reading that, and always got a kick out of it !

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