Goodbye Colorado and Hello South Dakota!

It is day who-the-fuck-knows of the Great McCarthy Anti-cation.

No seriously I think we have been on the road for ten days but I can’t really be sure at this point.

We have logged fifty hours in the car and driven 2700 miles across the great U S of A with our four little girls.  We are clearly out of our freaking minds.

After spending a week in Durango, Colorado (aka Grown Up Disneyland) we headed to Denver for the night.  I managed to score a beautiful two bedroom apartment on Airbnb right by the Denver Aquarium (because these days I am filled with travel badassery) and we spent the evening with our aquatic friends.

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After listening to my husband point out each and every fish in the damn facility (eye roll,) we ate right there at the restaurant and spent an unGodly amount of money on average tasting sea fare.  Normally my husband and I would not consider this meal a win….but when mermaids are swimming around your table and your girls are going ga-ga bananas over them, you quickly place the meal in the win category and forget that the shrimp tastes like ass.

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That was all we managed to squeeze into our Denver Day before we were back in the trash-mobile headed straight for Deadwood, South Dakota.


We drove through a whole lot of Wyoming.  For six hours I stared out the damn window looking for a buffalo or something other than cattle.  We saw one stray cat prancing through a field while we stopped to pee on our shoes, but that is it.  You disappoint me Wyoming.

In all seriousness though the topography of the land really is majestic and I would have loved to explore the rock bluffs (preferably by myself,) but we were on a mission: Deadwood or bust!


When arrived at our temporary abode for the next three days and quickly made ourselves at home.  There are crayons and Beanie Babies covering all surfaces and we have made our way through the provided snacks and beer.  I am so impressed by this home we found at the last minute on Airbnb.  It is clean, cute and perched at the end of a road overlooking historic Deadwood.

So much winning!


We went into historic Deadwood for dinner where are kids were ill-behaved and annoying, causing Sam and I to drink just enough beers to make slightly poor parenting choices.  Deadwood is full of three things: saloons, slot machines and tourist crap. We took the trifecta on and shopped, gambled with kids in tow and drank casino beer.

I shit you not- it was so fun.  We were just buzzed enough not to be bothered by our whining heathen children and their happiness could be easily bought with Beanie Babies and junk jewelry.  Deadwood clearly has this shit down to a science, well played South Dakota.

After we tucked the kids into bed we tried out the hot tub.  My husband of course loved it, but I was sure a mountain lion would pounce out of the darkness at any given moment and my darling girls would wake up to mom’s blood curdling screams and floating carcass, so I spent about ten minutes outside before returning indoors.

On the agenda for the next few days is Mount Rushmore, hiking, and Custer State Park, more drinking and slot machines and probably a whole lot more Beanie Baby shopping.

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Yee Haw McCarthys!

Cuddle Fairy
Run Jump Scrap!

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Colorado and Hello South Dakota!

  1. Loved this! I was going to fill this comment with Calamity Jane puns but I’m sure you’ve heard them all already! Sounds like you’re having a blast! Although I commend you for even considering such a trek with that many kids. Hats off to you! #bestandworst

  2. It sounds like you’re having a fantastic road trip, despite feeling like you’ve lost your mind! LOL. I hope the rest of it goes well 🙂

    Louise x

  3. Hi Kristin,
    I’m coming over from forthelove to link up. I’m so glad I stopped by your blog because reading this post seriously made me laugh on how real you and your family are. I can’t imagine traveling by car with 4 little princesses for that long. You go Girl!!

  4. I am loving following you and your family in all your adventures… We love road tripping as well but you guys are waaaaaaayyyyyy more adventurous than us…. Thanks for taking us on the road with you. #alittlebitofeverything

  5. I remember beanie babies fondly! What a road trip you took – fifty hours does seem a bit crazy with four kids! I’m so glad you got to see so much & enjoyed the journey. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK xx

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