Great Neighbors Are Real Estate Gold

When shopping for your dream home you look for the following:

Spacious kitchen with solid surfaces

Usable yard space for the pets and kids to frolic in

Garage parking…because snow sucks

at least two bathrooms

Most importantly, kick ass neighbors!


It’s easy to skim over that last one, but really good neighbors are worth their weight in gold especially when you have kids.  You help each other, lean on each other, bitch to each other about the weather, husbands and whatever else standing on the property line and even if you aren’t super-besties you value them…a lot.

We have these golden humans living next door to us.  They moved into the neighborhood a few years back.  I’ll never forget the day.  It was August and we heard the next door neighbors were in and they had kids who were just about our kids age.  It was like Christmas morning I swear!  I’m sure they were terrified of us upon first glance however.  My hubs and I had been out the night before and were so hungover it was a miracle they didn’t run right back to the U Haul after taking one look at us.  Lucky for us they didn’t run away.  Five years later we are each other’s go-to’s.

When one of us leaves town, the other is there to feed the cats, watch the house (with the exception of the one year I did a crap job and they actually got robbed- but never mind that) water the plants and get the mail.  If we get into a pickle and can’t make school pick up, the neighbor mama is there to drag the herd of kids back to home base.  My neighbor’s mother who lives clear across the country is actually one of my BFF’s and I probably look forward to her coming into town just as much as they do.  We celebrate Hanukkah with them and they decorate our Christmas tree and hunt for plastic Easter eggs in the yard come spring. My Christian self has learned what snacks their kids can eat during Passover and which are no-nos.

We feed one another’s kids, drink wine on the porch and bring each other gifts from our travels.  Neither of us has family in the immediate area, so we fill in for one another and it is priceless relationship.  Here in the land of motherhood you really never know when chaos is going to slap you upside the head and all of the sudden you are dependent on you neighbor in shining armor.  I’ll give you yet one more prime example of why awesome neighbors are the bomb dot com.

Today my kids were home with the dreaded stomach flu.  I was pulling back into my driveway with soup and bread and there I see my next door neighbor getting ready to get her yard work on!  Within ten minutes the phone rings.


“Kristin, it’s me K.  I was just about to suck up some leaves in the front yard and… well…. my hair is stuck in the leaf blower.  I need you.”


She sounded so cool, calm and collected, how I have no idea.  Had the roles been switched I would have been screaming my head off ( I mean had it not been attached to a leaf blower that is.)  Out of the house I raced and over to her front porch where my cute, little, curly haired friend sat on the front stoop with glossy locks spun into the leaf blower all the way to her scalp.  Considering K is about five feet tall and one hundred pounds soaking wet you can imagine how this looked.  The leaf blower was nearly the size of her!  Sure enough she was not kidding.  Her hair was cranked up in there gnat’s arse.  There was no calling on her hubs considering he was on business across the Pacific (lucky bastard.)  So she sat ever so still as our neighbors drive on by and we worked that hair out piece by piece.  I won’t say it was a perfect job.  She definitely is missing some strands, but at least we didn’t have to call the EMT and load her and her leaf blower into the back!


So you see you need those golden neighbors over all other real estate perks.  You never know when you will accidentally get your head jammed in a leaf blower and might need your girl to run out of the house and yank it free!

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39 thoughts on “Great Neighbors Are Real Estate Gold

  1. I agree completly fascinating read Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  2. I agree neighbours can make or break your experience of living happily. I am happy to say we have always had good neighbours thank goodness!!!! I can’t say I have the closeness that you and your neighbour have but we at least say hi, and have the occasional street get together which is nice.#anythinggoes

  3. #eatsleepblogRT we recently lost some neighbours due to them emigrating (not because of us) and i miss what we had – and kinda hate the new neighbours just because they aren’t them. I hope one day i will have someone who can cut me free of a leaf blower.

  4. Yes, yes! Great neighbors make all the difference. I don’t have as much exchange as you with yours but, I am pretty lucky too. Friendly exchanges over the yard borders and even help (from snow blowing to school advice).
    Seriously, the luckiest thing to happen when buying a home, is to find good neighbors.

  5. Oh flipping heck bless her. I bet she loves you for coming over and helping. Good neighbours are worth their weight in gold! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  6. My neighbor was planning on selling her house, and then I moved in almost two years ago. Now she refuses to leave, despite needing more bedrooms for the gaggle of kids she has, because she said having a neighbor you trust with your kids is worth squishing into a small house! #EatSleepBlogRT

  7. You are truly blessed. I have been on both ends, our previous neighbors were a nightmare (I actually feared for my animals safety). This is our top priority in our next move.

  8. Aww! It’s lovely that you have a wonderful neighbour. You are very lucky.
    I can’t say the same about mine….Grr! I wouldn’t go as far to say they are the worst neighbours I’ve ever had but they come close. lol

  9. Living the dream! That is a neighbor situation I would love to have. Mine are literally cardboard! So boring and un-communicative that we never see them and when we do they are like cardboard cut outs. One day…
    I won’t ask how the hair and the leaf blower happened!
    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  10. You are spot on missie. My neighbor is my best friend too. Love our family BBQs with us all together putting the world right. Great post! 🌟 Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  11. YES, neighbours are so important. Especially ones with wine cellars (Well that’s the dream. None of my neighbours have a wine cellar.) Your neighbour sounds amazing! #FridayFrolics

  12. Have shared this on my personal facebook page because it’s so spot on. I’ve got a great neighbour who I know will totally help me untangle my hair from a leaf blower (in case I was ever going to use such a crazy contraption!). It’s really lovely that you have that and this was such a pleasure to read. Thanks for linking to #EatSleepBlogRT. Hope you join again next week.

    1. Today i left the husband a 20 ounce of limit3d edition beer on his front porch…strategically placed behind the geranium. Then i told him about it by yelling it to him across the playground where the kids had soccer practice. I mean…who wouldnt want to live near me 😂

  13. Well, there’s reason 1,234 for me NOT to do yard work so thanks for that! But seriously, I bet good neighbors are a fabulous thing…We are moving into the burbs in a week or so…we are so going to screw up that hood…

  14. Totally agree! We’ve had a flurry of different neighbour’s for a while now one side of our place, and finally a family seem to have settled there and we’ve made friends with them, its lovely. #ThatFridayLinky

  15. Good neighbours are the best for sure although I hope I never have to call on any to untangle me from a leaf blower lol
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  16. On no!! You are so awesome. Kristin come to the rescue! We have great neighbours too. Once my kid were so sick and I needed to get to the bank. My place is a mess but I had to get my neighbours to watch the kids whilst I’m gone. They were super and didn’t mention anything about my messy house. lol! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome story with us on #FabFridayPost xx

  17. I don’t really speak to my neighbours to be honest. I did in my last place and when I was growing up I always remember my parents talking to my neighbours. Thanks for linking up to #TheFridayLinky

  18. We’re just about to move and I can only hope that our new neighbours are just as handy in the leaf blower hair retrieval process! Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam hon. This really made me smile. x

  19. Haha! Wow! So true about neighbours, and can’t believe she had her hair caught in the leaf blower! This sort of thing is why I avoid all yard work!

    Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics

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