H.B. 1566: Another Day Another Ridiculous Bill

Arkansas is trying to end abortions. This time, it’s all about the remains. H.B. 1566 is destined for the court room before it even goes into effect.


It is called H.B. 1566, or The Tissue Disposal Mandate Bill.

Now let’s play a game.  What on earth might this bill be regarding?  My first guess would be something to do with feminine hygiene.  Maybe crazy old Arkansas wants to put some restrictions on how we dispose of sanitary napkins or something to that effect.

Man oh man how I wish my guess was correct, or even close!  Unfortunately H.B. 1566 is yet another blow to women’s health.  This bill, recently passed through the state’s 2017 legislative session, makes it illegal for any woman to pursue an abortion without first notifying the man who impregnated her.  I know what many of you are thinking: this bill has to have some sort of clause regarding consent.  It can not possibly be as crazy as it initially appears. Perhaps the intention is to better safeguard a biological father’s rights to being an involved party in decisions regarding their offspring right?  “He was there at conception so he ought to be there through the whole process,” Republican Representative Kim Hammer, the bill’s primary sponsor, told Bustle. “I think that all life, from conception through birth and right up through death by natural causes, needs to be treated with dignity, respect, and also a unified approach to deal with the remains.”  Really Mr. Hammer?  That’s what you think is it?  Well I am not sure what perfect world you live in, but here in the real (and often times very cruel) world that mentality is a dangerous clusterf*ck!  You sir can go on ahead and lead this year’s annual Idiot Parade with this malarkey-filled bill.



Read on (assuming you have stable blood pressure) HERE


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9 thoughts on “H.B. 1566: Another Day Another Ridiculous Bill

  1. We’re having the same insanity here in Texas! Here they’re dressed up as ways to “protect women”. But it’s funny that they don’t have the same urge to “protect women” when some man actually does rape or abuse one. Just not seeing the steady stream of legislation that would actually hold men accountable.

  2. This is actually insane? Where do these ideas come from? Eurgh…well said and I hope the bill doesn’t get passed. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  3. I can’t believe it. I had to pick my jar up off the floor. Just backward thinking. I’d second you on that award to that insensitive (insert any swear word here). Popped over from #FamilyFunLinky

  4. OH good lord that is insane. I mean, on what planet do the legislators really think it is ok? I know woman are second class citizens all but come on?! Another giant step backward for woman everywhere, excellent work Trump…

  5. These issues are so sensitive and to put more restrictions on women really makes it all harder still doesn’t it? Thanks so much for linking up to #DreamTeam.

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