Learn Your Ass Off About Blogging with A Writer’s Badass Guide

After months of musing, writing, editing, rewriting, stressing and banging their heads against their laptops in moments of frustration, the Misfit authors, Kristin McCarthy and Nathalie Laitmon over at Suburban Misfit Mom (SMM) have finished and launched their first eBook.  As if the two women who run SMM as well as other personal projects – all while raising seven small children between the two of them – didn’t have enough on their plates.  Why in the hell would they take this on?

It was needed…badly.  Suburban Misfit Mom houses hundreds of talented writers who write like their fingers are on fire, but were feeling lost when it came to honing in on their personal brand as well as creating a space on the internet to be base camp for only their writing.  Out of this need A Writer’s Badass Guide: Branding, Blogging and Social Media was born.  You can read the Amazon description below:

A Writer's Badass Guide A Writer’s Badass Guide To Branding, Blogging and Social Media is a fun and easy step by step guide for new writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs. This book teaches writers how to conceptualize and develop their personal brand using meaningful and strategic exercises, create a website from soup to nuts, and utilize social media to promote their work. Nathalie Laitmon and Kristin McCarthy of SuburbanMisfitMom.com combine years of branding expertise with cutting edge social media strategies to assist writers and entrepreneurs in building an authentic and resonate brand that will get their writing read while growing their community of dedicated followers online. The authors use their offbeat sense of humor to motivate writers while demystifying the seemingly complex process of building a personal website and growing a brand.

Nathalie and Kristin originally wrote it with their Misfit contributors in mind.  Because of this angle, the book is loaded with hand-holding and helpful information, all the while keeping the light-hearted, snarky tone that is somewhat synonymous with SMM.  The book has been released on Amazon for almost one week and has gained nearly 35 star ratings and climbed to the #2 best seller spot.  AWBG also made the Hot New Release list in a number of different categories.

In true hustler fashion, Nathalie and Kristin have taken zero days off after finalizing and launching their first book.  Work on the follow-up eBook is already taking place and is due out late spring/early summer.  This next book, which will include even more Suburban Misfit contributors who are published authors in their own rights, will focus on the actual publishing of an eBook.  It is geared towards anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a published author in their own right, but is scared and/or clueless as to how it can be done without losing their mind and being committed to an insane asylum.

Curious?  Interested?  You can purchase this book HERE for the price of skipping your daily latte, (sorry not sorry Starbucks).  Get your copy now at a reduced price of 3.99!


Thanks so much to Kellie Sans, founder of Hooray For Moms, for always supporting Four Princesses and The Cheese and Suburban Misfit Mom.  If you have not checked out her site, please make sure that you do!

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  1. Sounds awesome- can’t agree enough on the importance of building your brand and offering your readers and viewers a true brand experience whenever they come in contact with any of your work.

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