Make America Great Again…Or At Least Make It Lead-Free


We have been hearing his mantra for some time now and I doubt it will  be going away anytime soon.  This is the slogan of our President-elect’s campaign.  Mr. Trump has made a lot of promises under this slogan, 76 of them in fact.  Feel free to brief yourself HERE if you are not up to speed on the many promises of our new leader.  Mr. Trump has vowed to build a “free” wall separating The United States and Mexico, defund Planned Parenthood, prosecute Ms. Clinton, ban an entire race from entering this country, and repair our “third-world” looking roads and airports, just to name a few of his vows.

Speaking of “third-world,” can we take a gander at what is STILL happening in Flint, Michigan.


For over a year and a half the government has been aware of high lead contents looming in the city’s drinking water supply.  Five hundred days of government knowledge, yet as of today 43% of Flint homes are still testing positive for lead.  Last time I checked, water is a basic human need.  The people of Flint, Michigan continue to live without access to clean water or water that will not cause drastic neurological or behavioral damage.


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6 thoughts on “Make America Great Again…Or At Least Make It Lead-Free

  1. The tragedy that is Flint, Michigan is just the beginning of what I fear is a terrible tipping point in the infrastructure of water delivery systems across the united states. I live in Philadelphia, an old city in terms of our country, and I can only imagine what is happening in our pipes, where the first water mill was created. We all have a right to know what is going on, what we are drinking, and what that fluid is doing to us. It’s a horror that this happens in this country, or in any country. Flint will own this crisis, but we all need to fix it and fast.

  2. This is awful! It is like living in a Third World Country. In Thailand, we have to buy bottled water. And I feel very sad every time I need to buy them. All the waste and energy going into production of one bottled water is immense. If only, the basics can be provided by our own government. Then we won’t have this sort of waste and polluted earth. I really hope Flint, Michigan water supply will get fix soon. xx

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  3. The tragedy is that many people don’t care about what is happening in Flint and other places in this country. A lot of people have turned their backs on many things in this country because it doesn’t affect them directly.

    Where I live we have an affordable housing crisis. People who are cops, firefighters, teachers, nurses and others with good jobs are struggling to keep the roof over their head in their communities due to the hyperinflation of housing prices.

    I am starting to believe that our leaders are not about the people but about themselves. How can we be great again when we can’t provide the basics to our citizens?

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