Mama blogs and blog sites that are way funnier than mine

Funny (1) – First of all it kind of combines two of my favorite things.  Second of all the writing is fantastic.  I find this page humerous and really welcoming.  It’s like they are just beggin for me to polish off a bottle of wine and read their blog…ok twist my arm. – I am nothing if not a blunt mom.  These people are my people, my tribe.  I am clearly a big fan of keeping shit real, and Bluntmoms does exactly that… they also enjoy a little swearing.  I too love a good curse word. – I really like this one.  Her logo is fierce and I have a sneaking suspicion that this momblogger takes zero crap from anyone.  She helped me through my first link party…and if you know how technologically disabled I am, then you know that was quite a bit of help. 😉  This is a blogger who gives you a community feel and extends an olive branch to new bloggers.


Domesticated Momster I kind of have a special place in my heart for this one.  It is about real, raw honesty and humor.  I also happen to be a regular writer on this site, so I love it even more! Make sure you check it out, so honest and so raw…so me!  Some extremely talented writers post on here and Nathalie Laitman, the founder and curator, is is true gem to work with and for. She is relatable, intelligent and an en-visionary. I was so very lucky to have had her take a chance on me.

Suburban Misfit Mom – I stumbled across this site recently and love the range of writing it encompasses.  I just read three posts all ranging from the raw reality of postpartum depression to one called “Bitchmom” and another called “Kids are Jerks.”  Nothing is off limits here and everything is applicable to the life of real moms.  It’s smart and hilarious and the bloggers here speak the gross awful truths of womanhood.  This is written by Midwestern misfit mom Barrie Bismark- a friend and fellow blogger.  We started writing around the same time and support each other always.  She is a trip and her writing is so relatable and funny.  I love her use of words and fearless ways.  I literally love every single thing that she produces.  Go visit her! – She is the mastermind behind so many inappropriate parenting memes that provide me with the will to carry on loving some days.

MommyCusses– another great parenting humor blog full or sweary goodness.