Mother Does Not Know Best, Parent Sue Over Child’s Name

Please tell me you all have read or seen this headline in the news recently:  Parents Sue Georgia for right to call baby girl Allah.  I couldn’t let this one just be, I had to see what was up with this story.  Was this the state government’s way of imposing their power and taking an anti-Islamic stance without actually saying so, I mean we are contesting the name Allah here? Is this a breach of the first amendment? Or were these some power tripping parents bent on having their way and sticking it to the man even at the cost of their helpless child?

So here we have parents of a baby girl, both having legally different last names than each other, wanting to call their child:  ZalyKha Graceful Lorraina Allah.  The state of Georgia denied the baby a birth certificate based on the fact that Georgia’s administrative code requires a newborn child to have the last name of at least one parent or a combination of both parents, noting that the name can be changed later on through the courts.  According to that particular clause this child’s name did not qualify for a birth certificate in the state of Georgia, and this really does matter.  That birth certificate is actually a really important document, without it this little lamb will not be able to obtain a social security card, be covered under Medicade, or register for public school.  As a parent myself I would think that getting a valid birth certificate would be of the utmost importance, and bickering over some letters smashed together on paper might be something to tackle later on, but hey!  That’s just me.  So Georgia said no way Jose!  But why?  Why even have these safeguards?  Why not just let parents name their kids whatever they desire, they are the parents after all right?


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20 thoughts on “Mother Does Not Know Best, Parent Sue Over Child’s Name

  1. You just can’t make these things up! This poor little tike looks like there might be more than just name battles in the future as well….

  2. This yiddisheh mama has the perfect solution for this little Georgian no-name. Add a nice ‘Ch’ to the front of that name and pronounce it in true yiddisheh form. You know, like you are clearing your throat… The kid’s name will be Challah! That delicious, glutenous egg bread! There you have it! #BlogCrush

  3. Eeek! What goes through these people’s heads?? I can’t believe that list of “names” that have been requested! It’s actually really sad that we have to have these laws, but I agree – they’re totally necessary! #blogcrush

  4. This was interesting to read! I would never have thought to decide on a different surname of mine or my partners for my child haha. I do agree with the law though! #SundayBest

  5. The law is the law and there is nothing wrong with that. They will lose the case if it is not tossed out before making it to court. The parents should be sued just for tying to name the kid that long name and for trying to assure their kid has no connection to them by way of last name. While they are at it maybe they can also sue all them nutty actors and musicians that give their kids stupid names

  6. Sometimes you have to wonder what the parents are thinking. At the end of the day, they could change the name to the one of their choice through the courts, so I don’t understand all the fuss. Life is too short to worry about silly things like name choices, afterall there are far more important things to be spending time doing.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  7. I really do not get this whole thing at all. You just can’t make up some of the names people try to give their children can you. After all it can be changed through the court and also they can just call their child any name regardless of what’s on the birth certificate. I have an uncle we call bert when his real name is Keith. I’m not even sure many people know his real name! #blogcrush

  8. I hadn’t come across this story, but it sounds pretty ridiculous. What can I say? A big fat WHY?!! I guess this would never happen in Mexico – you have to register babies with the surnames of both parents and it’s almost impossible to change your name officially. It’s not very flexible but at least you avoid this kind of situation! #ablogginggoodtime

  9. Oh boy. This is like opening up a can of worms. I 100% see why these parents are upset, however, the laws are there to hopefully protect little ones from being called ridicules names. End of. I don’t think anyone can gain for battling this one at the end of the day. An interesting read and reminder that parents actually name there lovelies things like bus shelter (what were they thinking)… how odd. Thanks so much for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

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