Politics and Princesses – Thanks Mr. Kasich from My Uterus

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio recently vetoed a bill against abortion, and yes there is at least one mother who is glad he did.

There is always a new piece of legislation rolling through on the forever-hot topic of abortion. Recently, Governor John Kasich of Ohio had the good sense to veto the “Heartbeat Bill” passed by his state’s legislature. This bill would have prohibited abortions from being performed after a heartbeat could be detected, or around the six-week gestation mark.

Pro-lifers are waving their fists in rage. How could someone not want to support the life of a baby? But let’s back up for just one hot second. I have four lovely little girls, and I think it’s safe to say I am totally pro-baby. Had my husband not put the stops on the baby making machine that is this gal, I think I would have about a dozen little kids running around right about now. That’s just me. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. I fell in love, married my college sweetheart, and got pregnant – a lot. After a devastating miscarriage ten years ago, we heard and saw the heartbeat at five weeks and one one day.

I wanted to be pregnant, desperately.



I know it is a hot topic… a passionate topic.  Please click HERE to read on and please share if you fancy.

Sincerely, Paula
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4 thoughts on “Politics and Princesses – Thanks Mr. Kasich from My Uterus

  1. Excellent! I’ve been saying this same thing for most of my life, but you said it so well. So often, pro-birthers give no solutions to where these unwanted babies will go, who will care for them, if their mothers are forced to carry the child to birth. And rarely is the mother’s well being, physically and emotionally, a concern for pro-birthers. She should just be forced to continue the unwanted pregnancy. I would even go so far to say that forcing a woman to keep an unwanted pregnancy is an abusive act.

  2. Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, I think that both sides need to come to a compromise when it comes to the mental health of the mother in both situations. I see no focus on helping young mothers to work through the options before making a decision. I think a switch in focus to how we think about it would make a world of difference.
    The world could be a much better place if we could have more empathy and less need to be “right”.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

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