Practical Politicking – Politics and Princesses



Week 1 – The Price of Being a Princess

Week 2- Thanks Mr. Kasich, From My Uterus

Week 3- Make America Great Again, Or At Least Make It Lead Free

Week 4- No Autism Isn’t Caused By Vaccines

Week 5- US Paternity Leave Falls Short

Week 6 – Barron Trump Bearing Brunt of Hatred

Week 7-America Joining The World of Walls

Week 8- Grow Up Grown Ups, Love Over Labels

Week 9- The HPV Vaccination Conundrum 

Week 10- Transgender Plea- Please Let Us Pee

Week 11 – Guns and Mental Illness, Fire and Ice

Week 12 –  Trump, Texas and The Anti Vaxxing Storm

Week 13 – Texas Turns on Uteruses with SB-25

Week 14 – Who Needs Fresh Water Anyways?

Week 15 – Small Town Fight From Within

Week 16 – Economic Costs of North Carolina’s Potty Bills

Week 17- Please Let House Bill 610 Be A Joke!

Week 18 – Mother Does Not Know Best- Parents Sue Over Child’s Name