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I am a Suburban girl…a Suburban QUEEN.  I was born and raised in Suburbia and can not survive outside of a ten mile radius from a Target and the mall.  Driving in major city traffic- I am a hazard.  I panic, I cry, I get lost, I cry some more. Farm life-no way, you must be joking!  When I interviewed for my first job teaching in the country I called my dad crying because a GIANT tractor was driving on the actual road right in front of me.

Total panic.  Can they even do that?  That can’t be legal…

Well it is…and I was clueless to life outside of my suburban dwelling.

Interestingly I was here sweating my ass off the other day working at the homestead known as our suburban household when I thought to myself…WAIT!  I am totally living on a Suburban Farm!  The non-farmer girl maybe is far more farmy that she thought.


Well that’s a little cray-cray right? I think it might in fact be true though.


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