The Queen’s List of Loves…



Everalbum– a one stop storage shop for all images and videos that lurk in your emails, your social media accounts and your text messages.


Junie O Jewelry– Oh hello…you are affordable, blinged out and well made….twist my arm.


Mobicip – Software geared towards a safer internet experience with the ability to tailor all devices to varying levels of safety and filtering.

Littlemissmatched –  Just about the CUTEST socks and tights you can come across. They encourage creativity via changing up socks to create funky pairings AND they have a sock line that encourages my kids to color on their clothing…YES! –  Treat your fur baby!  Monthly subscription boxes of treats and toys at a very low cost.  Use the code “Thecheesemonster” for a discount!– Dry shampoo and root coverage that never leaves my hair greasy.  I love this product.


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