Queso Cheese Monster

The big guy gets his own page.  If you follow my blog and check into my facebook posts then you already know the Cheese-Monster.  He is our goofy, giant, furry, slightly-confused-at-all-times Golden Retriever.  He is my fifth child, our only male child, and we love him dearly, (most of the time.)

After I stopped teaching the Cheese-Monster arrived.  Carly was five turning six, Addy had just turned three…life was stable.  We brought our furry snapping turtle home and instantly fell in love.  Goldens are the BEST!  He came home in August… we started puppy school at the end of September…a week later I found out I was preggers…again.

I can not even describe the illness that followed.  I crawled around the bathroom floor in only my underwear and a sheen of sweat for months.  There I was, head in the toilet, welcoming death, with a three year old and ill behaved furball vying for my attention.  I looked like the demon in the movie the Grudge…you know the one.  Terrifying.

Needless to say Queso Cheese Monster did not get the formal attention nor training that he needed and deserved as a baby.  Cindy-Poppins did the best that she could…but at the time we all had bigger fish to fry.  He’s totally adorable, lovable, and maybe a bit overweight from his floor food finds. Cute he is… but he is just a bit off and not your typical well trained, pure bred Golden.

  Here is the Cheese with his bff Teddy.