The Second Best Thing About Having A Baby

Ask any mom you know what the most amazing moment of their life was and they will all say it the birth of their baby.  Every single mom will name this single moment as the earth shattering greatest…HANDS DOWN nothing tops it.  Whether you dreamed about the mommy moment since you were four years old…or you got a little drunk and had a woopsie baby, it won’t matter.  Becoming a mother is everything.  You created a HUMAN!  I bet he or she is the most perfect human that ever graced the earth huh?  Yeah, mine are too.

So the best thing about having a baby is pretty obvious…you HAVE a baby…and he/she is the greatest blessing in your life.  The second best thing about giving birth though?  You will never guess it so I will tell you… I’m a giver.


It’s the hospital underwear.



No I am NOT kidding!  Those things are the whip and I completely underestimated their awesomeness.  Never again though!  In fact I am so completely obsessed with the post delivery granny panties that I feel as if it is my earthly duty to inform every pregnant or new mom about them.  Listen up ladies, when you have a baby the hospital provides you will all the free hospital panties your post-partum ass can handle! That is right friends these glorious mesh granny panties will straight rock your mom world.  Do NOT pass them up.  If you sit in your hospital room and balk at the grannies, then we cannot be friends.

If you are a c-section mom like myself, then you will appreciate these bad boys even more.  They pull right over your battle wound and go alllllll the way up to your armpits.  They don’t dig into your achy sides, rub your incision or ride up your inflated ass.  The grannies embrace you.  They wrap their gauzy love around you and offer the physical comfort that is damn near impossible to find in those first few weeks of motherhood.  When all you need is a little comfort after having a human ripped from your uterus, only the mesh grannies can provide such a thing, (well pain meds also….lots of pain meds.)  They are ah-mazing.


They are so amazing in fact that after I stole all of the meshies from my own hospital room and returned home with my baby girl, I called my girlfriend who was also laid up in the hospital giving birth and made her bring all the meshies from HER room home as well.  I felt as if I needed to stock up on them.  I had no idea how long the sheer pain and discomfort from childbirth would last and I was not taking any chances on running out.  It wasn’t like I could just waltz into Target and buy more.  These were special and oh so necessary.  Action had to be taken.  Lucky for me my bf made sure she pilfered all of the mesh grannies that she could get her hands on…no questions asked.  That is a down chick right there ladies.

Probably a week or two post delivery I noticed that the hospital panties were starting to disintegrate.  Crap!  Nothing left to do but gently wash the gauze undies in the bathroom sink and pray that they make it another ohhhhhhh….say two years?  There was no WAY I was going to chance destroying my precious mesh panties.  I walked around our little condo for weeks wearing nothing but my t shirt, a nursing bra, my belly band and my hospital undies.  It is safe to say I became addicted and wanted nothing to do with regular underwear…or real clothes…or a hairbrush.  I couldn’t even IMAGINE returning to the uncomfortable bikini briefs of yester-year.

Finally about six weeks after delivering my daughter my husband pulled the panty plug.  He sat me down and told me that the hospital grannies had to go.  I was devastated and my hormones were going cray-cray.  I am sure I cried.  How could he not SEE that I NEEDED THESE THINGS!  What an insensitive ass.

grannie 2

Needless to say I did take a long look in the bathroom mirror and agree to separate with the second most precious thing to me.  I threw the panties out, went to Target and bought normal underwear.  Just like that I went cold turkey with the undies.


When I became pregnant a second and third time in subsequent years my first thought was, yeah another sweet baby!


My next thought….yesssssssss hospital panty time!


mesh undies

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  1. Haha this made me laugh! These sound amazing, but I don’t think we get them in the UK. After I had my c-section, I sent my mum out to buy loads of massive pants – I didn’t contemplate that I’d need a c-section and all the underwear I had was going to sit right on the scar. She came back with the biggest pants I’d ever seen and I absolutely loved them! They were the comfiest things I’ve ever worn and I have very fond memories of them. But you’re right, they don’t look that hot! #momsterslink

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