Settle Down Kim Davis, You Are Not Kim Kardashian

Let me take you all back to the year 2015.

Remember the name Kim Davis? Ring a bell?  No?

Seriously how could we forget this whack job even if we tried?

In the event that this name has slipped your mind in recent years, let me give you a refresher.  This is the gem of a lady who worked as a County clerk in Rowan County and took it upon herself to deny same-sex couples marriage licences. Like she woke up on a random weekday and said “No!  Do not pass go!”  Can you even imagine these lovebirds’ faces?   Why?  She claimed she was working under “God’s authority” and apparently she saw herself as The Man Upstair’s right-hand gal.  Look.  I’m not judging (lie) but I am gonna go out on a limb and just grossly assume that Kim had not been appointed to the grand task of halting all gay marriage.

I wonder if Ms. Davis ever fathomed in her wildest of dream that she would find psydo-celebrity status by waking up one day for work, pulling rank on un-assuming homosexuals just trying to legalize their love and sky rocket to the ugly title of Anti-Gay Head Honcho.  (Disclaimer:  This is not an actual title, I have bestowed it upon her.  I mean if the shoe fits…)  Recently the Kim Davis Bill crept on through Texas.  While myself and other ranty-ranters were busy lambasting Texas for waging war against pregnant mothers and their rights and becoming the hub for the the anti-vaccing movement, this bill snuck on through the Senate.  The bill basically allows for County clerks to refuse marriage licences to same-sex couples if the marriage violates the clerk’s “sincerely held religious belief.”  (Insert eye roll.)  I mean really what is next?  Teachers refusing to teach students who might be homosexual or who have openly gay parents?  EMT’s refusing to help or save people of a different sexual orientation?   I can not say I am surprised Texas.  Disappointed yes… definitely not surprised.

On top of having a Bill coined in her name, Ms. Davis was then asked to speak at The National Day of Prayer.  The former clerk of No-Where-Super-Special-Land was invited by Pastor Tom Acree of Apostolic Sanctuary to speak at the event.  “We chose her because she went through a trying time for her faith, and prayer was the avenue for her to have … hope and peace and comfort” during the situation, Acree said. “She allowed God to help her and enable her to endure the persecution” she experienced at the time, Acree said.

Well look at you Ms. Davis.  Aren’t you a beacon of…ok, I’ll say it. Idiocy.  Have fun at National Prayer Day.  Maybe all of those people will pray for you to come out on top of your most recent lawsuit.  Yes that’s right.  Girl is getting sued for her righteous move in the clerks office.


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40 thoughts on “Settle Down Kim Davis, You Are Not Kim Kardashian

  1. I don’t recall her name either, but I don’t understand why people are against same sex couples marrying. At the end of the day we’re all human. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  2. Wow…Texas sounds so backward. You must have to fit into a very tight box to be given any rights there…that’s awful. I don’t understand the way some people want to treat others, especially under the umbrella excuse of religion. If that’s what god wants, then I’m not interested in knowing him.

  3. erg… I always try to find ways to adequately address the kind of ignorance this woman personifies, but it’s difficult to do in a politically correct way. Surely, we want her to live in a way that allows her to fulfil her religious and spiritual needs, but legally shouldn’t be allowed to influence others lives. I mean sure, she can believe what she wants, but it’s not ok for her to push those beliefs on others. And if she can’t do her job then she should be fired. As a clerk of court it’s her job to do the paperwork, etc of the court… It’s not her job to pass judgment on couples wanting to get married. Ugh. This whole thing…. Why can’t people just leave other people alone?!

  4. I’ve never heard of her back in the UK but this has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs but to force that on others is just plain idiocy. The fact this bill ever saw the light of day astounds me. Unfortunately, lunatics running around punishing those who don’t fit their belief system all in the name of God has been going on for centuries. When will it ever end?

  5. I’m not who she is but nobody should oppose gay marriage Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  6. I’ve not heard of her, but she sound crazy! Think she’s working for God – the only God she is working for is in her mind! Crazy Women! You have put in more articulately better than me. I have totally lost my cool! #FabFridayPost x

  7. Ah…Kim Davis. The Pentacostal that won’t go away…She is clearly not fit to work in a government office. If she is as religious as she claims to be then she would have had issues with more than just stamping that marriage certificate. Clearly she singled them out and her 15 minutes of fame has lasted WAY TOO LONG. Go Away Kim. And please get a deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

  8. I don’t remember her, but I love this article. Imagine having the balls and audacity to do such a heinous thing and then go on to be praised for it! Only in America – I hope. lol

  9. Since when can people use their personal religious beliefs to squash other people’s rights ?! Hopefully that bill will get squashed like the bug that it is. Insanity.

  10. So much for the separation of church and state . Roll eyes. Please note that Ms Davies does not speak for all Christians. Some of us have better things to do with our time than bully others and then cry persecution when we’re told that our behavior is against the rules . #GlobalBlogging

  11. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for writing this piece about Kimmy. You have said everything I needed to say about this, her and all the ultraconservatives who really should have bigger concerns than signing me up for conversion therapy. I speak Yiddish a bit, and I practice Tai Chi. What’s not to love about me? M’wah Kristin, you are a rock star!

  12. I cannot believe they let people use their own personal opinion on whether they let two people marry each other, sounds like something from the dark ages! #gloalblogging

  13. You’re too nice. I’d rather insert a punch in the face, not only an eyeroll. Every time I see her face I’d like to slap her. Terrible times, hope things will change soon. #globalblogging

  14. Never heard of this Kim back in the UK but she sounds like a right plonker! Hope the bill gets squashed and ripped up! #FridayFrolics

  15. Never heard of her but she sounds like an idiot. No idea why people have an issue with gay marriage and it’s so worrying this bill was passed.xx #BlogCrush

  16. Oh my GOD Kristin I don’t know where the heck to start!! Firstly I must admit I’ve not heard of her but it looks none of the other Brit bloggers on this comments section have either so I guess it wasn’t big news outside of the US (although I’ve no idea how as it’s just utterly outrageous and she ought to have international not just national vitriol rain down on her).
    Second (yes I’m on a roll here) “She allowed God to help her and enable her to endure the persecution she experienced” Er nope. Dear Anti-Gay Head Honcho (LOVE that title you bestowed on her) Kimmy allowed her belief in God to help and enable her to persecute two innocent people. FML.
    I have a ‘third’ but I’ll stop now as I need to go fetch my blood pressure tablets.

  17. Wow, what a whack job! What I can never fathom with these people is how they fail to see that if they believe God created everyone and everything then he also created gay people!
    I know the issue isn’t funny, but I couldn’t help picturing God coming down to this nobody and giving her the worst super power ever – the power of whether or not to issue a rubber stamp haha.
    The more I read about Texas the more I think it’s actually a time warp where they are stuck in a time long ago!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  18. eurgh, she needs to get over herself. How would these people passing the bill feel if they were told they couldnt marry their soulmate? so why deny others purely based on their sexuality? just… eurgh! #globalblogging

  19. I hate this woman. I don’t hate a lot of people but she is one. It breaks my heart to know people like her use religion to their own messed up ends and to make people suffer. #kcacols

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