Spring Has Sprung and (Almost) Everyone is Pumped!

The birds are chirping.

The flowers are blooming.

And the grass is getting greener by the day.

Spring has officially sprung and everyone is pretty excited about it, especially here in the north where we typically endure six months of miserable, freezing, overcast weather.

After about one hundred and fifty days of crap-tastic wind, snow, ice and clouds no site is more welcoming than the first signs of spring and for the most part people are thrilled at its arrival.  I might be one of the only people that cops at attitude with the months of March, April and May.  Seriously.  I know I sound like a total stick in the springtime mud, but it just isn’t my favorite turn of season.

Stay with me here.

Speaking of mud let’s just start there.  Spring brings rain and thawing grounds.  Rain makes mud.  Mud makes me angry.  The beautiful backyard transforms into a scene reminiscent of Woodstock.  The dog, the kids, the carpets all get a nice layer of daily grime.  The carpet cleaner is on constant high alert and ready for battle.  The stupid mud is simply unavoidable.  No matter how many times I tell the kids to ditch the boots in the garage those dirty little footprints find their way inside my home and inside my heart…breaking it.  Just please go to hell springtime mud.

Springtime is such a tease.  Those warmer temps start to show up and everyone runs outside to garden, clean, barbecue and rejoice in the sunshine.  We pack our warm coats and snow boots away and start dragging out the sandals and sundresses.  Here in the north sixty degrees in springtime is darn close to pool weather, we are not picky.  Then it happens.  You wake up one mid-April morning freezing.  What the hell?  You look at the temperature gauge and it reads 27 degrees.  Well played Springtime…well played.

So there you are.  Scrubbing the mud from the carpets in your winter coat and scarf and then you get the barrage of springtime emails from.  Class parties, concerts, field trips, graduation, prom, and projects galore.  You try and keep it all together looking like you are Captain Organized, but it is impossible.  The Springtime emails hit just as parents are running on fumes.  Give up and shoot for about a 70% in this arena.    Remember summer break is around the corner, you have to conserve that energy, you are gonna need it!

Then just when you think you have all of your ducks in a row (or at least a cluster,) the springtime viral infection hits the house…and the allergies…and the weather picks back up but you can’t enjoy it because you are mopping up snot and vomit.  Every single year this happens and believe me, the more kids you have the longer the Springtime Viral Bullsh*t will last.  Forget you spring, you jokester!

The good news is that by the time you all recover you will be just in time to run outside and clean up the nastiness that is your yard.  The springtime yard work is nothing if not disgusting.  Layers of snow have been hiding garbage, broken toys, snow gloves and hats and piles and piles of mummified dog poop.  The flower beds are aching for a clean up, the deck looks like junk and it is a miracle you can even see out of the dirty windows.  This list here should last you until about mid July.

Have fun cleaning it all up guys.  I’ll be seeing all of your scowling faces up at the local Home Depot while we all curse Springtime together!

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12 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung and (Almost) Everyone is Pumped!

  1. The mummified dog poop made me LOL! But sorry I still love spring, it’s the flowers in Holland – can’t beat them! Thank you for linking up to #FamilyFun 🌟 🌸

  2. We haven’t even bothered packing away winter coats yet; though my middle son has already told me he will not wear it again just based on the principle. I can’t argue; I broke out my flip flops and refuse to wear anything else even though my toes are freezing!

  3. The thing that gets my knickers in a twist is that while I’m cooing and instagramming the pretty blossom, I’m cursing the damn stuff blowing in through the doors all through the open plan kitchen aaaaargh!!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

  4. You are describing exactly what in happening in my garden today. lol! The sun is shinning – so I let them loose in the garden. Luckily we have a wooden area. I have given them a tub and a hose. Away they go. fighting each other with water until one of them cry. Spectaculartastic! lol! Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x

  5. Ha ha! As a native Midwesterner, I totally feel your pain. I can remember spring break when the sun would peak it’s head out and we might have some warmer than average spring weather but every single shop and restaurant still had the heat pumping out, making everything totally overcooked inside.

    Having said that, now in the SE of England, we have had serious split personality weather. But the heating is officially turned off and it’s not coming back on. So pile on the jumpers!

  6. Spring allergies are the worst! We all get them at my house. My daughter is only eighteen months so there’s nothing to even do for her for her allergies. It’s sucky. My least favorite part is the resurgence of the bugs. Wasps are my mortal enemies. Thanks for linking up to #fridayfrivolity! Xx

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