I Sure Do Love The Land Down Under!

God I freaking love Australia.

Aside from the giant bugs, spiders and sharks I really do adore the Land Down Under.  Here is the latest reason for my Aussie passion:

The country is vowing to bar entry to one very idiotic and dangerous American man.

No it is not Rex, Mike or The Donald.

It is Kent Heckenlively.

Who?  You say.

Kent, the self promclaimed # 1 World’s Anti-vaxxer, is not wlecome in Australia and oh does this make me happy. I am nothing if not a huge proponent of childhood vaccinations.  Mr. Heckenlively had planned on adding Australia to his upcoming Dangerous Science Tour to better promote his desire to push for a five year moratorium on childhood vaccines in America… along with his book promotion.  Unfortunately for him this trip seems to ironically (or not) coincide with Canberra’s No Jab, No Pay Law.

In extremely simple terms, which I love, this amendment blocks parents and caregivers from receiving certain government provided childcare payments should they not full immunize their children. Do not pass go and do not collect two hundred dollars…literally. And as controlling and decisive as this may appear, the Aussies are getting it done!  Since the passing of the law more than 5,700 children whose parents had previously registered as anti-vaxxers have been immunized and protected against diseases such as mumps and measles.  Currently 90% of Australia’s children ages one through five are considered to be fully immunized.  In other words they are protected thanks to not only their parents’ intelligent choices, but also that of their government.  They are protected against the resurgence of measle outbreaks taking place in both Europe and America due to the still lingering fear of vaccines.  Just for fun I’ll say it yet one more time.

Vaccines do not cause Autism dammit.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  You can go ahead and take any one member of the credited scientific community’s word for it if you want.  The imaginary link between vaccines and Autism has been discredited so many times it is ridiculous, but hey if you want to give small pox a whirl who am I to stop you.

Australia is unapologetic and uninterested in what Heckenlively has to offer their country.

“Kent’s not got any travel plans to Australia because we’re not going to allow him to come here – we’re not going to issue a visa for this particular individual,” Immigration Minister Dutton told Sydney’s 2GB radio on Thursday.

“We have been very clear in having a look right through this particular case, and it’s clear to me that it’s not in our national interest that he should come here.”

Oh snap! There is no mincing of words here folks.  Australia gets it.  The train of thinking such as Kent’s is dangerous and if it aims to work against certain governmental policies then it won’t be tolerated.  I love this particular approach to something as important as eradicating deadly diseases.  Lord I wish that The United States would take a similar approach to banning idiocy, a challenging thing to do right now considering certain men of power here in America.  Regardless I am loving both the No Jab, No Pay amendment and the barring of The Self Proclaimed Leader of The Anti-Vaxxers from Australia.

An entire country banned you from their soil.  Think about that Kent.

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  1. The world is flat, climate change doesn’t exist, and vaccines cause autism. These people act like science is based on faith, not fact. Good on the Aussies for knowing better and stopping a loud mouth.

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