Vector illustration in super mom concept, many hands working with very busy business and housework part, feeding baby, cleaning house, cooking, doing washing, working with laptop. Flat design.

My High Expectations Are Killing My Marriage

Aim for the stars. Never settle for less than the best. Set your sights high girl.   These female empowerment mantras are slowly killing my marriage.   Allow me to back up just a titch here:  Perhaps my marriage isn’t dying persay, but the high expectations that I have placed upon my spouse are definitely […]

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Cropped shot of a couple sitting back to back after a disagreement in the bedroom

We Don’t Need a Break, We Need One Another

“Do you even love me?” As soon as the words left my lips I wanted to take them back.  What if he said no? Why would I ask a question that I clearly wasn’t ready to hear the answer to.   My husband and I are nowhere near perfect, but we have always been…together…best friends…there. […]

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Post Baby Body…I want to love you…buuuuut I don’t

I read a lot these days.   I read a lot of blogs, a lot of online articles and a lot of social media posts.  I am reading oodles of articles regarding female empowerment.  Specifically I am seeing a lot of written pieces regarding mothers embracing their post baby bodies.  Millions of women are banding […]

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