Twenty-Two Things I Am Going To Do During The Twins First Month of Preschool

I can not believe we are here already. The twins are headed to preschool! For the first time ever I will have twelve hours a week all to myself as the girls learn how to count, write and act like  humans.  What on Earth will I do with myself? Oh my God so freaking much. […]

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Boy taking toothpaste

How To Get Back To School Like A Boss

Summer of 2017 is officially coming to a close and it is time for us parents to switch gears and get ready to send our little ones out into the wide world of learning and growth. Bye kids.  Summer has been a blast but I for one am so ready for you to return to […]

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The Good About The Bad…Bad Moms That Is…

If you have not seen Bad Moms please do not read- spoilers ahead. I won’t lie to you good friends.  When the trailer for Bad Moms came out I shrieked, I cried a bit, I watched the two minute clip at least one hundred times.  I was pretty sure it was about to be the best […]

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Guess Who Is NOT Getting Mom of the Year…

Well friends, if there was ever going to be a two way tie for crap-tastic mother of the year, it will be going to the Midwestern Misfit Mom Team Barrie Bismark and Kristin McCarthy. Between the two ranty, snarky moms there are seven kids, 8 million grey hairs (or more), several nervous breakdowns and countless […]

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