Twenty-Two Things I Am Going To Do During The Twins First Month of Preschool

I can not believe we are here already. The twins are headed to preschool! For the first time ever I will have twelve hours a week all to myself as the girls learn how to count, write and act like  humans.  What on Earth will I do with myself? Oh my God so freaking much. […]

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Calling All Potty Training Moms! Check Out Dry Like Me

We are approaching the end of an era here in the McCarthy house. Yep. The days of diapering are coming to a close. After ten years the twins are almost there… almost. The twinnies can stay dry during daytime hours for the most part but nighttime is a whole other ball of wax. We have […]

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My Life Is Crap: The Joys Of Potty Training Twins

No really, it is literally crap right now. We are in the thick of potty training our twins, and it has been an entire month of human feces and tears… my tears, not theirs. Why did this seem so much easier with my first two daughters?  Oh right, because it WAS easier.  The first reason […]

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five months old  asian twins

Raising Twins: Say Hello to Cuteness and Goodbye to a Whole Lot of Other Stuff

The twin experience is unlike any other. Being a mom to twins I can tell you first hand that there is nothing cuter, more rewarding and interesting than watching your little genetic mutations evolve into people. Yep. Nothing better. And nothing harder. I’m probably not supposed to say that or admit that, but it really […]

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When Toddlers Attack…

Well friends, today we went on our weekly jaunt to open gym with the toddler twinnies. Wow!  What a blast we had! Kidding.   No fun was had there.  In fact for the entire duration of open gym there was a combination of whining, crying and begging for cookies from the twins.  Normally this class […]

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My Name is Mother…The Resident Heart-breaker

/With four girls and a grumpy husband it is a very rare occasion when I mother, am not the family resident heart-breaker.  Someone is always devastated at something…that something also happens to almost always be my fault in some way, shape or form.  This past week has been especially rough for the tiny twinnies and in […]

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Things That Are Currently Pissing Off My Toddlers

Toddlers become furious over some whack things.  Most things that anger my twins have to do with a moment of  my happiness.  My happiness and comfort seems to really cheese them off these days.  The terrible twos is no joke…having a 6 and 8 year old as well I already know that this is just […]

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Toddler Translations

This is a really special post because my husband and I kind of collaborated on it.  Nothing like cracking open a beer and thinking of a bunch of whack things that your kids say!  Without further adieu here are some of the most common things our toddler twins say…and the translation for them.     […]

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The McCarthy Musical Bed Mess

Bedtime…why must it come EVERY SINGLE NIGHT DAMMIT.   My girlfriend Jessica was over the other day picking her daughter up from an epic ninth birthday sleepover.  We were chatting in the kitchen discussing the girls and how late they went to sleep the night before.  I casually told her that it didn’t really matter […]

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First Born to Last Born…my how the times have changed friends…

    From my first born to last born…I am not even the same person friends…   When I had my first daughter Carly, I was literally bursting with love and anticipation for this little human to enter our family.  I read every parenting book, bought every baby product, and scoured every parenting website.  I […]

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