Texas Turns On Uteruses- Here Comes Texas SB-25

Texas lawmakers have an unhealthy fixation with uteruses. They just can’t seem to stop writing laws about them, and the latest is SB-25.

When I first came across this gem of a Bill on social media I was convinced that this was “fake news.”  No way!  Can Texas SB-25 be a real thing?  Texas has been pulling some stunts lately and are bold as ever, but this move is outrageous even for them.  A little digging later and it was confirmed,.  This is in fact a real thing and we are officially living in the Twilight Zone, (at least those living in the Lone-star State are.)  This is crossing line Texas…the uterine lining.  Texas SB-25 recently sailed right through the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs and is headed on over to the Senate.

This bill “removes” wrongful birth as a possible cause of action so that this form of negligence can no longer be cited in lawsuits.  Wrongful birth lawsuits stem from the 1975 Texas Supreme court case Jacobs vs. Thrimer.  Dorthea Jean Jacobs contracted Rubella early on in her pregnancy.  Nine months later she gave birth to a baby with disabilities.  She went on to sue the doctor, Louis M. Thrimer, for failing to diagnose her illness, and in turn preventing her from knowing what complications lie ahead regarding her child’s health.   Proponents of the bill claim that it was designed to protect rights to life as well as the doctors who help to bring that life into the world.  This bill doesn’t sound half bad when you put it like that.  Protect the doctors, protect the babies, everyone wins right?

Wrong again Texas.  I should have know better considering you have been disappointing the hell out of me lately.  First you irk me with your crazy bandwagon bathroom bills, read about that transgender injustice here.  Then you get me all hot and bothered with your anti-vaxxing  trends, take a peek at my feelings about that issue HERE.  Now you drive the nail through the coffin with the bill that seems harmless on the surface, but is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors show.  Texas SB-25 is a flagrant attack on women’s rights and really parental rights in general.


Please CLICK THE LINK to read more on this cockamamie bill! 



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17 thoughts on “Texas Turns On Uteruses- Here Comes Texas SB-25

  1. SO, we start a petition and gather signatures. Texas and their ‘in your pants’ way of governing is too much. Secede from the Union. How many sig’s do we need? #FabFridayPost

  2. Wow. What a disappointing and saddening time it is that “laws” like this are being passed. It makes me sad and angry to read. This is an important issue, and one that will probably get brushed under the carpet by many “Not my state not my problem” please let me know if there is a petition I can sign! #Anythinggoes

  3. We all deserve to be given truthful and accurate information about our medical care. Anything that goes against this simply should not be allowed. Thanks so much for linking this post up to #PostsFromTheHeart

  4. What the actual what?! (These may not be exactly the same words I used in my head!) The world does seem to be going completely bonkers right now.

  5. The more I read about Texas, the more convinced I am that this is a loop hole in time and Texas isn’t really a state, it’s a decade – like the 50’s or something!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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