So we started this little blog back in the middle of July.  I came down with a bad bout of bronchitis and grandma came and saved my ass…yet again.  While laid up in bed I finally decided to take up the blogging and writing that people have been encouraging me to do for years.  I truly didn’t know what to expect…


I can honestly say that in the few months that this blog has been rolling I have been so blown away by the love and support from you all.  Your reading, sharing, and subscription mean the world to me.  In the blogging world blog views and email subscriptions are gold.

Four Princesses and The Cheese has had 16,700 views in those three months by 7,000 visitors!

198 of you have subscribed which basically makes you my favorites people in the universe right about now…other than the little ladies of course. 😉

Please continue to spread the word and share the articles that you enjoy- you never know how far they will go or who will see them!


Four Princesses and The Cheese can currently be found on the following sites and publications

Suburban Misfit Mom

Sammiches and PsychMeds




An article will be coming out October 17th on the site and we are pretty pumped about that!

Sammiches and Psych Meds has picked ANOTHER TWO articles up and those will be live on October 20th and October 25th.

The lovely Janet who runs the UK online magazine Rambles, Rants and Writing (RRW Magazine – issue 3) will be running an interview with yours truly on Halloween.


Our little blog has been gaining quite a bit of momentum as you can see and we are expanding! You will occasionally get a post from me regarding a product review or service review.  These are in regards to companies who have contacted me and asked me to test out and review a product or a company who has paid me to try out their service or product.  I will only take on products that I truly enjoy, believe in or that hold value to myself and my readers.  You will never read a Four Princesses review on tampons- and yes I have actually READ a review written by someone plugging a new tampon brand.


Hell to the NO.



Of COURSE you will continue to receive the ranty, snarky articles that you have all by now grown accustomed to from Four Princesses…the reviews will only supplement the norm and finance my Target addition.


Thanks again everyone!

Cheers homies 🙂


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