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The Birds, The Bees and The…Tiger Butts?

How did this happen?

How did my six-pound, bright pink, squalling bundle of baby get so big? Everyone tells you it will all go so fast, like lightning fast. One day you are waddling around the living room with giants bags under your eyes and leaky breasts under your shirt and then you blink and your little one is turning double digits. At this rate, I expect that the next ten years will fly by even faster and the next time I stop and look over at my girl she will be wearing eyeliner, a bra, and a scowl.

So here we are, on the edge of womanhood. Her tiny little body is starting to blossom and her hormones are starting to scare me. I know that she will be entering the bullshit that is womanhood very soon, yet it all seems so inconceivable. She still plays with stuffed animals and barbies, and needs to be tucked in and snuggled at night. When she sleeps she looks exactly like she did when she was a tiny tot in her crib. How can she possibly be standing on the edge of puberty? As perplexing as it is, it’s definitely happening. I was recently reminded of this impending stage in life by a letter in the mail – the Reproductive Health Letter from the public schools. Part of me thinks that it’s just too soon to be traveling down this path, but the other (far more rational) side knows that it is time. Really it was last year that she started to have some questions about reproduction. She was working on an animal report on the tiger and had watched a National Geographic video that included a tiger giving birth.

“Mom! Come here!” She screeched from her bedroom.

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15 thoughts on “The Birds, The Bees and The…Tiger Butts?

  1. My kids have always asked a bunch of questions about pads and tampons. We’ve had lots of tiny conversations about reproduction, but the girls don’t ask specific questions. One of these days I’ll be in your shoes – wanting to talk to the girls before school does it for me. Although I am quite glad the schools have changed the curriculum for more health education!

  2. Wow who knew a tiger would kick that whole talk of?? My little one’s only 18 months old so luckily won’t be having ‘the talk’ just yet! #ABloggingGoodTime

  3. Oh it’s hard isn’t it?! I don’t know the answer and thank god ny eldest is only 2. Although I don’t suspect I’ll have he answer in years to come either. You sound like you have it down, I think being able to talk and communicate is a biggy so just getting it out there and having a chat is hopefully making her comfortable enough to do so as and when she has a need to! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

  4. My husband, a big, burly, soldier of 24 years, cried. Cried, when I told him about our daughter. It’s so heartbreaking, but amazing to watch her grow.

  5. This can be a really weird topic! I’m an au pair at the moment and I’m always unsure what to say when the kids come up with these kind of questions.

  6. I’m a dad but never had a problem talking about anything with my daughters and sons fab post as always Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  7. Hah! You never know what is going to bring those conversations up and kids definitely grow too fast!

    When I was about 12, my cousin and I were in the car with my uncle, driving home from hockey practice. My cousin and I were looking out the back window at an old trolley museum. My cousin said, “Dad, what do they even DO there?” To which my uncle, getting very awkward, said, “Well, um, that is where some women take their clothes off for money.” My cousin and I were quick to exclaim, “At the TROLLEY MUSEUM?!??” Turns out there was a strip club on the other side of the street! Oops! He got into a whole conversation he very much didn’t want to be in… Tigers seems easier 🙂

  8. My eldest is almost 11 – they’ve known how babies come out for a long time as I used to have a birthing book so they’ve seen pictures!! I’ve always kept away from saying exactly how babies get made. They know it involves sperm and egg – she knows way more than she lets on. Her younger sister picked up a tampon once and asked what it was “She was like oh it’s a tampon, remember I told you about those!” So, I guess her little sister probably knows a fair bit too…. Sarah #FabFridayPost

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