The Cast of Characters

Sam is my hubby of ten years.  Our love story began during our sophomore year at MSU…love and romance at first sight.  JUST KIDDING. We met at a drunken frat party dancing on furniture to J Lo and Ja Rule.  Anyways we’ve been together ever since, just here living the dream.  Sam is truly the best dad of girls.  He even has his own designated My Little Pony lovingly named, “Stinky Pony.”  He is a hard working CRNA and all of his girls adore him, but no one loves him like Queso Cheese Monster. That’s Sam’s home-dog!

 The gangs all here!


Carly is our first born daughter.  She will be nine very soon here…but thinks that she is turning 19.  She is far more independent and self assured than I am ready for her to be and definitely more independent than Sam!  She is smart, introspective, impulsive, athletic and my bff.  I don’t have a clue what this one will be when she grows up, but it will be amazing rest assure.

She is probably a better cook than both Sam and I at this point.  That’s a win!


Addy Jane, our middle child, just turned six.  She is hella proud of being the middle child.  In her mind it is a great honor.  Addy goes by a number of nicknames, The BeanTiger, Little Marilyn, The Middle Child.  She is gorgeous…like really, and so sweet, loyal and funny.  She really has been our easy going kid from day one.  She says some wild things though.  She is either really creative…or slightly mentally ill.  Pretty sure it’s the first one thank goodness!  Every night she tells me, “Mama, I love you more than a Hukkaberry.”  Who the hell knows what that is.

Just look at that squishy face!


The Twins.  They are kind of the stars of the show right now since there are two of them and they are at such a funny age.  Hazel and Elizabeth just turned two and they are EVERYONE’S babies.  They are adorable and oh so mischievous.  Everyday I think to myself…this is the cutest thing that you have ever done! That same day I am guaranteed to also think…this is the most evil thing that you have ever done.  They keep me on my toes and are bound to keep us all entertained.

twin bite pic

Here is a perfect example of these two.  We have been working on not biting each other… I would say they are making SOME progress.


So that is the immediate crew.  There is also my mom, also known as Mah-ghee and/or Cindy Poppins.  She is one badass granny, no joke.  Then there is my mom-tourage.  I would not be funny without these crazy bitches.  I truly have the best mom friends ever.  Not only are they amazing moms and friends, but their stories are priceless to me.  Their tales have sparked so many of my own stories.  I will never be able to thank these women enough. You can read all of their funny stuff on my mom-tourage page.  We need to celebrate them.  My friends are hilarious.  Really.