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Friends there is very little I love more than shopping online.  Amazon, Thread Up, Target Online, they are my silent solace come ten p.m.  I wander down the virtual aisles creating carts of goods that will be mine in a few short days with just a few clicks of a button.  Buying fab stuff in my jammies while holding a beer, this is my happy place.

Knowing this is it any wonder that I nearly wet my pants when a representative from contacted me and asked if they could send my a gift voucher to explore and buy from their website in exchange for an honest review of their offerings?  Well twist my arm!  Truly this is the biggest buying season for me following Christmas.  End of the year teacher gifts, graduations, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and all the kid’s birthdays fall during the summer months.  That is a boatload of online shopping to get to and sometimes a gift card just won’t due.  We tend to want to put a bit more thought behind weddings, our parents and graduations. is really a perfect site to find anyone that special something.

Here are my Top Ten Gift Ideas from for graduations, weddings and Father’s Day.  Ladies, get those Target brand sweats on, pour that wine, grab your debit card and let’s get shopping!


Gifts For Dad

Pistachio Pedestal 48.00


Because nothing is more annoying than searching among the shells for a stinkin’ nut.


Neighborhood Map Coasters  36.00


I’m a little obsessed with these.


Deep Sea and Sand Art 85.00


Maybe with this he will come home from work relaxed (or fired for spending the day staring into the sand.)


Lake Topography Map  $59.00-$525.00


I’m a Great Lakes girl so you know this was bound to make the cut.



Giant Brain Teaser Puzzle 30.00


Sure beats Clash of Clans.


Take a look HERE for more gifts for men.

And HERE for ideas for your honey come Anniversary time!




Gifts For The Graduate

Shower Squids 36.00


Dorm showers are gross.



Bedside Essentials Pocket 20.00 – 25.00


Because getting out of bed can be hard.



Recipe Mug Set 20.00


Just read the mug Grads.



Diana Camera 49.00


It’s adorable.  So authentic.


Inner Strength Necklace 75.00


Some days you’ll need it.


Wedding Gifts For The Happy Couple

Intersection of Love Art 75.00-175.00


This is adorable and creative.


Picnic Backpack  48.00


Backpacks are so much easier than a clunky basket.


Personalized Cutting Board  159.00 – 167.00


No one will complain about this gift.  Everyone needs a cutting board!


Personalized Wedding Guest Book Platter  140.00


Look here!  Something you will actually use!  (Ask me where my Wedding Guest Book is right now.  No clue.)


Tis the season to celebrate happy couples.  Need more ideas for celebrating the Bride and Groom? has you covered.


Click HERE for Bridesmaids Gift ideas.

Click HERE for Groomsmen Gift Ideas.

Click HERE Bridal Shower Gift Ideas and HERE for more personalized couples gift ideas!

Who knows how long I was actually on  It really is a rabbit hole of unique things that I never knew I needed.  The site has SO MUCH STUFF and everything is interesting and different, I love that!  The product menu is clear and concise making shopping easy and fun.

Check it out my fellow online shoppers!




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  1. Ooh I love all this stuff! Especially that bedside pocket thing, I would have loved that when I was at uni. It’s always good to find a slightly unusual gift site, there’s a few I use here in the UK and you can find some really special stuff, and you don’t mind paying a bit more for something unique. #FamilyFun

  2. I love this website, I was recently introduced to them too – I have a cheeky gift guide if you’d like to see what I picked! 😉 So good they ship to us here in the UK as well. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!

  3. I love the pistachio pedestal, more to the point Me Tammy would love it. What a fab idea for Father’s Day! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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