I Think I Might Be Having An Affair…

Never did I think that I would ever be one of those wives…


The other evening I was reading an article on ways that you know your partner is cheating.  Quickly I scrolled through the list and didn’t think that my husband fit the cheating bill in the least…good husband.  I finished the article and moved onto some mindless internet surfing when a pit formed in my belly and I realized the most horrific thought…

I think I am having an affair.


It is true.  A day does not go by where I do not think of the object of my affection.  Friends, am in pretty deep.  I spend massive amounts of money on my love and am never EVER disappointed after one of our rendezvous.  Now I would not say our relationship is healthy, in fact the addiction and draw is probably the opposite.



Please click the link to read the rest of the VERY INTRIGUING ARTICLE!



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  1. We don’t have Target in England, so you’d better not move here! 😉 I have been to Target once, though, when I was in NY. Bought the comfiest ever maternity trousers/pants there…good times.

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