Trump, Texas and The Perfect Anti-Vaxxing Storm

n spite of Texas being very familiar with the concept of herds in general, the anti-vaxxers there just can’t understand herd immunity.

My name is Kristin and I am a vaxxer.

I believe in vaccinating children against diseases such as Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Small Pox, and Pertussis.  Months ago I addressed the mind boggling movement against modern medicine in another article published at Practical Politicking.  You can catch yourself up here.  If you don’t feel like clicking over, I’ll give you the basics: Vaccines don’t cause Autism, modern medicine is a good thing, and Jenny McCarthy is an idiot.

So yes I am a proud vaxxing mama, but that isn’t to say that I never give a thought as to what I am injecting into my darling daughters.  When we became first time parents my husband and I did our fair share of vaccination research.  We pondered the pros and cons and we asked questions of the medical community.  We thought to ourselves, “Hmmmmmm, now who would I ask a medically related question of?  I know!  A doctor!”  Such a revelation seems so common sense based, yet thousands of parents in our country are no longer turning to the scientific and medical community for such information.   Somewhere down the blurry line the scientific community became villainized.  Yeppers.  Apparently the doctors, scientists and drug companies are all out to get you and your children, poisoning them with faulty vaccines.

And here comes Texas!  Oh Texas what the heck am I going to do with you?  Recently I had to slam you for jumping on the Bathroom Bill Bandwagon with your pal good old North Carolina.  Now I find myself rolling my eyes at the latest uprising in The Lonestar State regarding more vaccine drama.  Texas is quickly becoming a major hot spot for the anti-vaxxing movement, and we can in part thank our oh-so-medically-educated leader Mr. Donald Trump for this.  Surely the anti-vaxxers fallen angel Andrew Wakefield taking up residence in Austin has a little something to do with what is going on here as well.  The doubt surrounding the safety of vaccinations is alive and well in Texas.   I thought the scientific community did a pretty good job making it crystal clear that Mr. Wakefield is a loon, an embarrassment and a liar. His correlation between childhood vaccines and Autism is nothing more than a harmful fallacy.  How are people not getting this still? Oh right, this is the same population that supported the medical knowledge of former Playboy Bunny Jenny McCarthy.  Really guys, say it slowly to yourselves.  You are in the same camp as the Bunny and a Loon!


Please click here to read on at Practical Politicking.  Every view  and share matters so much to me.  It’s how mama gets paid!



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32 thoughts on “Trump, Texas and The Perfect Anti-Vaxxing Storm

  1. We don’t get a vaccine against Chickenpox in the UK. Mine have both just had it and although not life threatening, a two year old covered in itchy spots is hell on earth. Not to mention being confined to the house for three weeks. I would happily vaccinate to not have to live through what we just have. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  2. As a person who relies on herd immunity, I am frightened of the choices people are making. If I could, I would be immunized and not in danger of contracting some of these terrifying diseases. I will never understand someone who would rather embrace a disease that kills people, that people in third world countries are desperately trying to get rid of in their own populations, and willingly expose their kid to it because “I survived when I was young” mentality.

    I thought we were supposed to want better for our children?!

    And as someone who has worked with autistic children, it is so damaging for people to push the fact that it was caused by immunizations. We need to do real research and try to find some of the causes, and hopefully we can prevent some of the cases from happening. But clinging to something that scientifically has been disproven is ridiculous and unproductive.

    My family is involved in the medical field at almost every level, all of them can agree on one thing – the rates of autism are increasing due to our skill at diagnosing it, and the rates are already starting to plateau as predicted. Case in point, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with autism at 25 years old. I knew when I met him when he was 17 years old that he had it but it took that long to get a diagnosis. The reason he was never diagnosed as a child – it wasn’t something being diagnosed when he was a child, it simply didn’t exist. He was labeled as defiant, antisocial, retarded, because we didn’t have anything else to call it. Now we do. It’s like people saying heart disease skyrocketed since 2000 BC. Of course it did, in 2000 BC they didn’t know what heart disease was but you can bet they still had it!

    Sorry for such a long comment, but I fully agree with you that this movement is dangerous and unfounded.

  3. In Australia we have just passed legislation that denies families any government benefits if children aren’t vaccinated, the ONLY exception are to those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. I think this is a great step forward for Australia and it’s a sign our government won’t tolerate the anti-vaccination movement. I’m proud of my government for this at least. I hope everything goes well over on your side of the world.

  4. The trouble is that we are logical people who will never understand the decisions of those who are not. Did I worry about what my son was being injected with? Sure. Did I worry more about the implications both to him or others if he wasn’t? Oh hell yes. Love you I asked questions of those actually in the know, people trained in medicine. #fortheloveofBLOG

  5. I too am a vaxxing mother. I’m married to a scientist and a medical professional, so it was never questioned in our house. I worry about the ever growing refusal to vaccinate and the logic behind it is something I will never understand. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS, hope you coe back again next Sunday xx

  6. Another proud Vaxxer. As our GP pointed out, if Wakefield’s research was right a) it would be possible to replicate it and it hasn’t been and b) if there was a connection between vaccinations and autism, the rates of autism would have declined along with the rates of vaccinations. Guess what?! But sadly facts and medical quailifications are nothing in the face of a celebratory spokeswoman with shiny hair

  7. We’ve always given our kids all the recommended vaccines. Modern medicine is an amazing thing and we should take advantage of that. It’s a shame that people have become so suspicious of people in authority (and sometimes with good reason) and so they’re worried to trust any of them.


  8. Vaxxer here too. Although this “don’t vax” nonsense isn’t a new movement. It’s been raging on for the better part of 10 years. I suspect it’ll never go away. Dumb. Dumb. And. Dumb.

  9. When my kids were little we didn’t have a choice. There wasn’t much debate, I just got them vaxxxed. I think by not vaccinating a child, you are putting the public at risk. Many people don’t care about others, they just care about themselves.

  10. Oh, this is so frightening to me. I recall that Trump made a comment during one of the presidential debates which made his skepticism regarding the safety of vaccines abundantly apparent. Ben Carson provided the voice of reason that day, thank God. And however Jenny McCarthy became such an “expert” on vaccines is beyond me.

    Our leaders need to understand the power of their words and the importance of thinking before speaking.

  11. This is your second post this week I totally loved! This is a topic which really, really pisses me off. Because you can’t argue with them, anti-vaxxers. It’s impossible. They prefer alternative facts, like trumpsters. They even think themselves very intelligent as they are able to see through the big, secret plan of big pharma trying to kill us all for the money. Then they go and pay lots of money to charlatans chanting pseudoscientific rubbish to cure them. Eyeroll. #globalblogging

  12. I have never fathomed out why people choose not to vaccinate their kids. Why risk your kids getting ill? If you want to make that choice for yourself as an adult, fine, but the poor kids probably don’t want to be ill!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  13. I really wish there were not people in the world who thought they were being good parents by NOT vaccinating their children. Vaccinations are so, so important to protect our children and I am glad we have someone like you who isn’t afraid to speak out and challenge this!


  14. I’m a Vaxxer too, however, I disagree with how the States handles vaccines. Where I come from, my children get a maximum of 2 vaccines per visit. Quick and painless. Then a follow up appointment for the next vaccine. Our first visit to the Paed here in the US my son was vaccinated 6 times, one after the other. Firstly, he was so traumatized that it has now become a huge issue for him (and me), secondly although I believe that vaccines are good, 6 different shots at once? I’m a little skeptical as to why that is necessary? My then 2 yo had 4 shots at once. I find that a little overkill. So, in conclusion, before I get trolled 🙂 I agree with vaccination and vaccinate my own kids, but I am a little unsure/disagreeable as to the protocols here… Great read!!! Thanks for sharing #globalblogging

  15. 100% for vaxxing in this family. It shocks me to see such a dramatic rise in people that are choosing to decline it as I for one was incredibly grateful for each vaccination that I was able to give my children. The world has lost so many people and so many children at the hands of such terrible illnesses. As you pointed out, I think we owe it to those people that cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons to ensure that the rest of us are better able to protect them. Brilliant post as always. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

  16. Well said Kristen, I can’t get my head around parents who think it’s safer to not vaccinate than to vaccinate. I do understand the questions when a new vaccine becomes available, though, and it should be okay for parents to ask questions and for them to be answered honestly. There has been an increase in some of the ‘childhood’ diseases due to people not being vaccinated and let’s face it some of these diseases can kill.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  17. Not vaccinating my children has never crossed my mind at all! I’m not saying there aren’t any concerns occasionally but I trust what the doctors and health service suggest and I would do anything to protect my kids. What hope do we have with all of these ‘medical geniuses’ having such a big impact on society – I can only sigh and tut in angst! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  18. Whilst I have vaccinated my children, I guess I still feel that this one is personal choice. As an autism teacher and mum, It was a decision I wrestled hard with – and I know this time around I will wrestle as well. I knew children who were in Wakefield’s original study, and I guess when you are personally involved it’s harder to dismiss something totally – even when you know the evidence points to the opposite. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that my head agrees with the science, but there is a part of my heart which is perhaps slower to catch up – and that part of me understands why some people can find vaccination hard. Thanks so much for linking this post up to #PostsFromTheHeart

  19. As a registered nurse I have seen the good and the bad in vaccination. I don’t think that the situation is always cut and dry. One area I wish we did more teaching on was how to treat some of the vaccinated illnesses because they still occur (in both those vaccinnated and un-) but theres a lot that can be done to protect those around you and lessen the illness in many cases. #KCACOLS

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