Twin Toddlers, Teeth and Torture

Well friends, that magical time in our lives just recently rolled around.  I made the bi-annual trek to the dentist’s office with the twins.  To say that the twinnies hate the dentist would be the grossest understatement of the century.  I thought we had a chance at a pleasant visit this time.  The girls were so enamored with the office fish tank and the buckets of toys.  To them this was like Dental Disneyland!  They are two though and unfortunately had no clue that the brightly colored games and toys and Disney wall decals were nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Beyond the heavy wooden doors lay their little toddler torture chamber…the Dental Chair.


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4 thoughts on “Twin Toddlers, Teeth and Torture

  1. Oh no, poor things. I’ve taken my two since 1yr old but the first time it was just taking them along while I had mine done and then opening their mouth to show off their teeth, this progressed to lying in the chair and opening up next time. No gloved hands or instruments went near them for the first few visits. It must be incredibly scary for them when they’re that age

  2. Dentists dentists can be the worst. I had one permanently sever a nerve and now I will live the rest of my life with my chin being numb. So sorry about you horrifying experience for you and your littles. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink :))

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